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    (rated E10+ for fantasy violence and frightening images)

    Pokemon: The Song of Jewels

    Episode 1: "A journey of his own! Sailing to the Minami region!"

    The afternoon sun was high overhead as a majestic ship churned through the sparkling waters. But to a brown haired boy with tan skin that was relaxing in a beach chair on the upper deck, this was a welcome change of pace from the chaos of the Pokemon Center. Just think, in just a few more hours, I can kick back, relax, and explore the Minami region at my own pace for a month. he thought as he adjusted the tan hat with a black band that crowned his neatly combed brown hair and petted the six tailed fox creature that dozed in his lap. Although, it does feel strange going to a new region without Ash by my side...


    "Brock? Is everything okay?" a man with slightly graying brown hair asks as he walks in the boy's room, where the boy is seated on his bed, strumming a bluesy melody on a black acoustic guitar. "You've been playing sad songs for an hour now--and normally you play more upbeat stuff."

    Brock sighs as he sets the guitar aside. "It's because part of me still has an urge to travel...see the world..." he explains as he gestures to a photo album lying open to an old picture of him and a black haired boy. A yellow mouse creature smiles from the black haired boy's shoulder. "And I miss Ash too."

    "You have over a month's vacation time saved up from your travels around Kanto helping Pokemon and helping at the Pokemon Center here at home..." a brown haired woman agrees as she joins the man in the hallway. "So pick somewhere, and we'll do what we can to get you there for a well deserved vacation."

    After putting the guitar away, Brock gets up and studies the map of the world hanging on the wall by his window. "Let's see...out of all the regions in the world, where do I most want to go?" he muses to himself. "Houen would be nice--haven't talked to May in a while...going to see Ash in Unova would be great too, but that's a bit far..."

    The region directly below Kanto gets his attention. "Minami...that sounds like a good place to go!"

    He turns to address his parents. "I'd like to go to the Minami region."

    "Great choice--you'd be right at home with their great theater scene." the man smiles.

    "Not to mention you'd learn a lot of new stories not even your friends have heard before." the woman agrees as Brock carefully eases a suitcase from a closet and begins throwing clothes inside....


    "Surprise!" the woman smiles as she reveals an array of shopping bags before Brock.

    " all this for me?" Brock gasps in amazement at all the bags.

    "If you're going to a new region, you should at least have some new clothes--then you can make a great first impression to the people you're gonna meet." the man explains as Brock takes a deep blue shirt from one bag and lays it over what he is currently wearing.

    "Did Brock see all the new clothes we got him?" a boy asks.

    "I wanna see him wearing the shoes I got him!" a girl begs.

    Brock just smiles as he gathers up the bags as more children arrive, all begging him to wear one item or another. "Tell you what, give me a minute to try all this on, okay?" The children cheer as he departs to his room.

    When he returns some time later, he is wearing most of the new items--the navy blue shirt from before peeks through a tan safari jacket with some olive fleece. Some slightly darker brown cargo pants and silver shoes complete the look.

    "Wow!" a girl gasps as Brock poses in the new clothes.

    "He looks just like an explorer!" a boy agrees.

    "Wait! He needs an explorer's hat if he's gonna be an explorer!" another girl protests.

    A smile forms on Brock's face. "Hold that thought..." he assures the girl before strolling over to the hat stand in the foyer and taking a tan bowl-like hat with a dark brown band from one of the top hooks. "How's this?" he asks the girl as he puts on the hat.

    "Now you look like Nick Dragonswift!" the girl giggles.

    "Yeah, now you look like a brave explorer!" the man agrees.

    "Considering the Minami region has a lot of mountains, you may want to take a hat so you don't get cold." the woman cautions.

    "At any rate, thanks for all the clothes." Brock replies as he goes to add the hat to his suitcase....


    "Well guys...this is it..." Brock smiles as he approaches the dock's loading platform with the fox creature and a small shrew-like creature with rock-like skin. A pink humanoid creature is nestled in a travel bundle in his bag, chattering happily. "I'm off to the Minami region..."

    "Be safe, Brock..." The woman is first to hug Brock.

    "Let us know as soon as you make it, okay?" the man asks as he hugs Brock. "Treat anyone you meet well, and don't go nuts over the girls."

    "I'll try..." Brock giggles, embarrassed.

    "Come back with souvenirs!" a girl pleads.

    "Don't forget to write!" a boy adds.

    "Learn a bunch of awesome stories for us!" another girl calls as she waves goodbye.

    Brock starts towards the ship's loading platform, but turns to wave goodbye to his parents and the crowd of children one last time before coming aboard the ship....


    [Daddy?] a small squeaky voice asks, snapping Brock back to reality.

    He looks down on the deck to see the pink humanoid looking back up at him. "What is it, sweetie?" he asks.

    [How much longer till we get to Minami?] the pink humanoid asks as the shrew creature joins her. [I'm borrrrrrred!]

    Brock gently nudges the fox-creature awake. "Hinata...I need to get up." The fox creature yawns and hops down to the deck, allowing Brock to get up from his chair and lead his three Pokemon to a table nearby the entrance to the ship's dining area.

    A deck of cards by Brock's end of the table gives him an idea. "Hey, Emi--wanna see something cool?" he asks the humanoid.

    [Yeah!] Emi tottles over to a place where she can see Brock and the cards.

    After Brock shuffles the cards, he cuts the deck and gives one half to the Happini before him. "Okay...what I want you to do is pick a card from your half of the deck, remember it, and put it on top." he explains.

    [But what if you see it?] Emi asks.

    "Don't worry--I'll turn around so I can't see which one you pick." Brock assures Emi before looking away from Emi. With Emi occupied choosing a card, he secretly turns up the bottom card and the second card from the bottom in his half of the deck.

    [Okay! I picked one!] Emi announces as she gives back her half to Brock.

    After reassembling the deck, Brock instructs Happini "Now, I want you to put the top card somewhere close to the bottom, put the bottom card somewhere near the top, then take the top card, turn it around, and put it somewhere near the middle--this middle card will show me which card you picked before."

    Emi eagerly complies with Brock's instructions, then gives Brock the deck. "Now, if we spread the deck out on the table..." Brock proceeds to spread out the deck, where he sees one card, a three of hearts, face up. "Notice the three of hearts is face up?" he explains to the Pokemon. "That means the card Emi chose was the four of spades." The Pokemon gasp as he shows them the card next to the three of hearts, which, sure enough, is the four of spades.

    [Wow!] Emi gasps. [How'd you know what I picked when you weren't even looking?]

    "Magic, I guess." Brock smiles as he reassembles the deck--only he knows how the trick was done.

    He then decides to show the shrew creature a trick. "Terra--wanna hear a little story with the cards?"

    [Okay!] the shrew creature replies. What she doesn't know is Brock has removed the face cards beforehand and placed three queens, jacks, and kings on top of the deck to help in telling his story and performing the trick.

    "There was once an apartment building somewhere in Pewter City." Brock began, gesturing to the deck. "Among the residents in the building were three beautiful ladies--one of them lived near the penthouse at the top..." He shows Terra the queen of hearts. and puts it near the top of the deck. "...another one lived on one of the middle floors...." He shows Terra the queen of spades and puts it somewhere in the middle of the deck. "and the third lived near the entrance at the bottom." He shows Terra the queen of diamonds and puts it near the bottom of the deck. One night, while everyone was asleep, a group of hoodlums got the idea to try and steal from these lovely ladies."

    [That's not very nice!] Terra gasps, brandishing her claws as if the thieves in Brock's story are there.

    "So one thief went to the top..." Brock shows the unnerved Sandshrew the jack of clubs and puts it near the top of the deck. "the second went to the middle..." He shows Terra the jack of diamonds and puts it somewhere in the middle of the deck. "and the third went to the bottom." He shows Terra the jack of spades, and puts it towards the bottom of the deck. "Of course, these thieves weren't very good at stealing, and all their clonking around woke the three ladies up! Naturally, they all screamed for help as loud as they could!"

    "EE! EE! EEEEEEEE!" Emi screeches, making some giggles and "aw"s fill the air.

    Brock sweatdrops at the crowd that has formed to watch his impromptu show. "Thanks, Emi." he sighs, to some awkward laughter. "Anyway, three officers heard the ruckus and hurried to help--one went to the top..." He shows Terra the king of hearts and puts it towards the top of the deck. "one went to the middle..." He shows Terra the king of spades and puts it towards the middle of the deck. "and one went to the bottom..." He shows Terra the king of diamonds and puts it towards the bottom. "Now, before we find out if the thieves were caught, I need you to cut the cards." he tells Terra.

    Terra obediently divides the deck into two halves. "Now, shall we see if the police caught the thieves?" Brock asks his audience, and begins dealing out the cards.

    Hinata gasps as sure enough, three kings, jacks, and queens appear in the middle of the deck. [Yay! They caught the thieves!] she cheers, to some applause.

    "Thank you..." Brock acknowledges his applause as he puts the cards away.

    [Will you tell these people a story?] Hinata requests.

    [Yeah! Tell the story about the boy that sang magic spells to defeat a giant and save a princess!] Emi suggests.

    Brock smiles--"The Giant's Captive" was always a favorite with crowds. "Once a fisherman and his son--let's call him Jiro--were at sea, when a terrifying giant appeared from the water and snatched Jiro from the boat." he begins. "All Jiro's father could do was watch as his son was spirited away to the giant's lair." he begins as he gets up from the table. "The giant took Jiro to a pitch black room and locked him inside, telling him to not light a fire under any circumstances."

    Concerned murmurs fill the air at this. "Jiro huddled under a blanket, but the biting wind made him shiver, and on top of that, kept hearing ghostly noises." Brock continues as he takes a few steps back from the table, so he can see his "audience" and have room to move around. "But with no fire, he couldn't tell if they were other prisoners or ghosts. On the third night, Jiro decided he was going to defy the giant's instructions and build a fire--but with what?"

    Nervous giggles waft through the crowd. "So that night, Jiro snuck out of the cave, took one of the boats moored to the shore, and sailed back to his father's house." Brock explains. "Once there, he requested some matches, flint, and tinder. As he hid the items in his son's clothing, Jiro's father told Jiro that if he was planning to escape the giant's lair, his wits would be the most valuable thing he could have."

    He quickly interjects "Thankfully, the giant had no idea Jiro had gone and returned."

    The crowd heaves a sigh of relief. "Jiro lit his fire, and found out the source of the crying he had heard--a princess!" Brock announces, to some "oh"s and light applause. "She had not seen any light in some time, so she yelped in surprise when she saw the firelight. However, that surprised yelp was enough to wake the giant, and it chased after Jiro!" Gasps went up from the crowd at this.

    Brock is quick to assure his audience "Jiro finally lost the giant and took shelter in an alcove somewhere on the island. As he caught his breath, Arceus appeared to him and said..."

    In a low and deep male voice, he intones "Long has the giant caused suffering in the land, but if you were to slay him now, he would still live, as his soul is not in his body."

    "Jiro asked Arceus how he could shatter the giant's soul, and Arceus replied..." he narrates as himself.

    In his "Arceus" voice again, Brock explains to the audience "On the other side of the ocean in a palace courtyard stands a post. Hit this post with your finger, and a sword will fall down from the sky. With this sword, kill an Ekans in the forest, and a Buneary will appear and race away. Catch that Buneary and cut off its head, and a Pidove will appear. If you can catch the Pidove when it flies to heaven, an egg will fall, and in that egg is the giant's soul."

    Whispers fill the air as some children speculate on what will happen next. "Just as Arceus left Jiro, the giant discovered him!" Brock announces as himself, making the crowd gasp. "Jiro was taken to a high mountain peak, where he was left to die. He spent two days shivering in the cold before working up the courage to climb down. The mountain path led to a forest, where he found four mages arguing over how best to divide the meat of a Stantler they had killed. Jiro skillfully cut the Stantler into four even portions. The mages each gave Jiro a mystical gem as a reward for helping them. The fire mage gave Jiro a ruby that would grant him Entei's strength and power. The wind mage gave Jiro an amethyst that would allow him to soar like the twin Eons. The water mage gave Jiro a sapphire that would allow him to swim like Kyorge. The earth mage gave Jiro an emerald that would allow him to dig as masterfully as Celebi."

    [Here comes the magic...] Terra tells Emi, who giggles in anticipation.

    "Just then, the giant found Jiro again, but this time, Jiro was prepared--he held the ruby high and called..." Brock then pauses to sing Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul...

    He continues over the light applause. "Sure enough, Jiro glowed red with the power of Entei's fire, and managed to throw the giant to the ground. While this didn't kill the giant by any means, it did buy Jiro enough time to get to the shore minutes before the spell wore off."

    "And then?" a girl asks.

    "Knowing the giant could find him at any moment, Jiro held the sapphire high and called..." With that, Brock sings Rou iitsa ron selga vichi....

    "Jiro glowed blue with the power of water, and easily swam to the palace courtyard with Kyorge's speed and grace. He easily found the post and touched his finger to it, and just as Arceus had said, a beautiful sword fell from the sky and landed at his feet." he continues. "Jiro wasted no time in killing an Ekans, and just as Arceus had said, a Buneary darted from the brush. Jiro knew that a human had no chance of catching up to a Buneary naturally, so he found his amethyst and sang..." He then sings Karuto, iichiida shou...

    More applause goes up at the song. "Jiro glowed with the purple energy of the wind, which gave him enough speed to catch up to the Buneary and cut off its head." Brock goes on. "No sooner had he done this, did a Pidove appear and fly to the heavens...just as the spell wore off. So he evoked the amethyst again-- Karuto, ichiida shou...

    The audience holds their breath as they wait to hear if Jiro caught the Pidove. "This time, Jiro was able to soar through the sky, much like Latios and Latias. He caught up to the Pidove and caught it, causing an egg to fall from the sky." Brock continues. After he landed and the wind magic had worn off, he took the emerald and invoked the earth magic within." He then sings Imultao, ame no ga bakeno... before continuing "Once Jiro had dug through the earth and located the egg, he returned to the island and smashed it on the rocks, killing the giant!" Cheers went up at this.

    "The princess was elated that someone had finally set her free." he concludes over the cheers. "They returned to Jiro's homeland, where they fell in love and married not long after their adventure. But Jiro kept the four magic gems with him, just in case he needed their power again."

    [Bravo!] Hinata's cheers were the loudest.

    Brock just took a bow for his audience--but little did he know that his four gibberish spellsongs were only four of eight keys to unlock some real magic--magic that would eventually save Minami and the world!
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