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    It's finished! I hope it's okay. ^^

    offline ☠

    REAL NAME: Rachel Wilson
    DATE OF BIRTH: 05/15/92

    APPEARANCE: Rachel is a 20 year old girl who is about 5'8, weighing about 145 pounds. 'I guess someone should lay off the cake, huh?' she say, joking about her weight. As for her skin tone, it's a slightly beige skin color. Fortunately for her, it was still past the time for her to get any blemishes yet, but soon, she might dread the day again. As for her feet that has 5 toes on each foot, and her hands that have 5 fingers with each hand, they weren't very wide or long; they were in fact, pretty small compared to her mother's and fathers. Her hair is straight and black, that is long enough to each her mid-back.

    Rachel loves to cosplay - she especially likes to dress up as maids with cat-ears and a cat-tail. It's not very surprising, since cats are Rachel's favorite type of pet. Often enough, if you were to meet Rachel in real life, you'll see her wearing her maid outfit; even from going to the supermarket, and going to college. Very rarely when she is not cos-playing, she would wear a casual outfit. Rachel; usually likes to wear a white dress shirt which is more or less ironed and washed every day. This white dress shirt has black buttons with a stable collar. It's not too long as well; it reaches to the end of Rachel's mid-section. With this dress shirt, she would wear a short silk black tie that's pretty much the same color as her buttons. As for her bottom attire, she wears a long light-green skirt that drops down to her ankle.

    online ☠

    GUILD: T H E ☠ P I R A T E S

    GUILD DESCRIPTION: T H E ☠ P I R A T E S is a guild made for people who lust for treasure and plunder, while getting all they can drink. This guild's primary focus is to treasure hunt for the most prodigious valuables they can muster - from money to extremely rare items. They even travel to lands that people would not normally be foolish enough to enter; from unexplored charters, to the most barren and hostile lands. Lack of these particular lands are a problem, but T H E ☠ P I R A T E S will push on until they have explored all the lands they can muster up. On certain days, older members of T H E ☠ P I R A T E S travel to the downtown - ALTO to play on the famous casino; their favourite games includes blackjack, the roulette, and the casino slots. Not just anyone can join though - only those who are cunning, yet strong and devious enough are the only ones made to join this particular guild. However, if one does fit these descriptions, then it doesn't matter how old you are - prepare for a guild full of life, and excitement!

    ACCOLADES & ACHIEVEMENTS: Recently, LGDClaw has acquired the "Treasure Discoverer" title, for she, along with certain members of the Pirates, discovered a mountain full of treasure outside the coast of a small ocean. She also acquired a very rare item - an item that there is only about 150 of them in the world. It was a sapphire necklace that seemed to be quite valuable indeed, so she sold it to give her enough money for a pirate-esque ship, right outside the guild, by a nearby ocean.

    Thanks to the pirates guild, her explorer skills seemed to be unmatched, for she explored about 54 places, and dungeons. Due to her recent success, she received the title of "First Mate" in her guild, the second highest title class in the Pirate Guild, that is only handed out to a select few members out of hundreds, second only to "Captain".

    Her battle skills seemed to be exceptionally well too - she acquired a rare silver cutlass item just underneath a vast ocean just last week, in which she uses that item for combat. She does not battle very often nowadays, unless she really have to combat with certain 'rivals' of hers, in order to acquire treasure for the guild.

    DAEMON APPEARANCE: The main body that Rachel chose for her Daemon is a blue, simple cat. She, of course, chose a cat for her avatar because it resembles her love of cats. This cat has light blue eyes, not too big ears, a cool nose, joyful whiskers, a white body-stomach, and a purple and blue striped tail. However, Rachel sought that this cat was awfully bare, so it was time to accessorize it! She added long, straight red hair on the cat's head, to make it look like it had human hair on its head. She also added a captain-esque pirate had for it to wear, along with black boots with a golden buckle, making it sort of resemble the character from her favourite children's story, puss in boots. She also made this cat to be about 15-20 inches, which is fairly larger than a normal cat, but the more to love.

    other ☠

    It was about 4:38 P.M. The air was salty, and the ocean was even saltier. The soothing sound of the sea was interrupted by the wave-crashing of a nearby sail boat. The boat looked quite sturdy - it seems as though it was brand new. Another thing quite remarkable about it was the clean, white sails that hosted it - it looked relatively untouched. Who was sailing this boat, though? Well, it was none other than the members of the Pirates guild - also known as "the salty landlubbers", "those JACKASSES!", and most recently, "I love you pirate-guild-samas please don't hurt me...!". Of course, the pirates nowadays felt that the guild did not feel the same if good ol' Rachel, as her online persona, LGDClaw, wasn't on board to explore. She was, in fact on board this very ship, heading for god-knows-where.

    "Hey, remember that old salt-fish on the fist market we saw?" one of the guild members, that looks like he chose a toad for an avatar, asked. "Wouldn't it be so good to chow down on it now?I mean, we can just wake up in the morning, and then OH BOY! We already have a fis so there's no need to go fishing!"

    "The last thing I want is salt-flavored-anything, kid," LGDClaw explained as she was surveying the sea with a small, golden telescope. "Aren't you supposed to be eating on oranges or somethin' anyway? I heard you can get scurvy or... whatever it's called."

    "Aye," another guild member, whose avatar looks like one of those dragons from a game series. He must really loves those kinds of games, LGDClaw once thought. "Scurvy is about as delightful as my mom when she signs a song from her pop albums."

    "Yikes," LGDClaw remarked. "I prey for your soul, champ. Total nightmare fuel."

    "Um, by the way?" the guild member with the toad head asked. "Where are we sailing to anyway? Nothing but water for the last 25 minutes..."

    "Rumor has it that there's a mountain of silver coins just beyond the canon coast," LGDClaw explained has she ceased looking through the telescope. "I dunno about you, but if it's money involved, I'd sail to Hades and back."

    "We almost did once too," the guy with the dragon body said. "But it was actually a punk who created a sign that read 'Hades Isle'. We showed em' a thing or two, eh fellas?"

    "LAND HO!" shouted a stern voice on top of the mast - it was another guild member, who looks like a humanoid with fox ears and has about nine-tails. "I see a land about 32 degrees west ahead! We should arrive there in about... 5 minutes? Provided that Yungarian over there doesn't screw it up?"

    "Shut up you," the fellow known as Yungarian, said as he steered the ship. "32 degrees; I've heard ya already, and steering that way now." The ship did just that - as it streamed through the waters of the wide sea. The fishes underneath the sea seemed to enjoy the ship's company - they were swimming beside the ship as if they were gliding and sliding through ice. Soon, the ship was docked
    on the coast of the nearby island, where the first thing that LGDClaw landed on was the soft sand that surrounded the area. There was even cute little shells, but things like that were left for the hermit crabs.

    "Alrighty," LGDClaw announced. "SlippieToady and Oryps, follow me; I've got a map riiiight here. Yungarian and Ihawtpink, stay here and guard the ship, okay?"

    "Roger!" they announced. Their loyalty with LGDClaw was sound - after all, LGDClaw recently have gotten the second highest rank in the Pirates guild due to her skills of exploration and quick thinking. Perhaps waaaaay too much impulsive thinking. The crew of three marched their way through the sandy beach, all the way towards a clearing where they saw quite an impressive sight - it was a large canyon that seemed to go on for miles.

    "This is the canyon island alright," LGDClaw said as she held the map. "Which means the treasure outta be around here!"

    "Are you sure about this?" SlippieToady sort of... 'ribbited'. "I mean, what if this is just a blatant rumor?"

    "I know what I'm doing," LGDClaw asserted. "You know my motto. No prey, no pay. I can sniff prey from a mile away y'know. When my whiskers itch, it means that great booty's on deck."

    "If you say so," Oryps agreed as he surveyed the vast canyon. "But... where do we go from here?"

    "Well, think about it," LGDClaw explained. "In a canyon like this, where would be the likely place of a legendary treasure to be at?" It was then that the pirate cat pointed down. "Down below, of course!"

    "But... that's madness!" SlippieToady rebutted. "Do you really expect us to climb down a 50 foot canyon?"

    "Well, I dunno about you, but cat's always land on their feet," LGDClaw said with a smile. "Why don't ya both hold on to me? I'm sure you'll land on your feet too."

    "I don't think that's how it works..."

    "Well, scrap that idea then," LGDClaw said as she got out the map again. "Let's see... how do I explain this - there was some sort of clue attached to the rumor, y'know? It went like... 'bing'! And there it was."

    "Okay..." SlippieToad tried to grasp. "What's this clue?"

    "It was more like a riddle," LGDClaw explained. "To find the fortune you must be hasty, or else you'll be nice and tasty."

    "What?" Oryps questioned. "Blimey me LGDClaw, what on the seven seas does that mean?"

    "It means that there's a monster here," LGDClaw explained as she tucked away the map by rolling it. "One that finds us quite tasty under specific conditions. Though I tried to avoid these conditions, it appears that we have no choice."


    "Well, SlippieToad," LGDClaw addressed. "Remember how you said that we should catch a lot of fish? Well, you were right. Let's round up as much fish as we possibly can..."

    "And then do we get to eat them?"

    "Actually, we're gonna rub it against ourselves," the pirate cat said as seriously as she could. Her two fellow guild members exchanged glances with each other. "What? I figure that we should make ourselves smell as tasty as we could to bring this guy out, y'know?"

    "Yes, but I don't think it's very ethical..." Oryps said. "Not to mention quite risky indeed."

    "Don't worry!" LGDClaw winked as she flustered her bright, scarlet hair. "Remember, I know what I'm doing."


    Pretty soon, the guild members were hanging bear the beach, with the smell of codfish swamping them with head to toe. It was a curiously disgusting sight, but according to LGDClaw, it was going to be all worth it.

    "This is humiliating..." SlippieToady remarked.

    "Oh, quit wining, it'll come right off," LGDClaw explained. Soon, the ground started to shake heavily. "Oh, and we have company just in time...!"

    "Is it the monster?" asked Oryps. "It does sound quite big..."

    His question was to be answered quickly as the crew felt something coming up from the sand. LGDClaw prepared her trusty silver cutlass, with her fellow crew members getting into a battle stance. Soon, the gutless foe showed it's face - it was about 10 feet long, as it showed it's menacing pincers.

    "I've heard about this enemy before," explained LGDClaw. "This is an oceanic mini-boss; GEC as I recall? It attacks with it's powerful pincers; it's is quite the mean enemy indeed."

    "What do we do?" SlippieToady asked. "Do we do the original PIRATE technique of switching party members during combat?"

    "Not to worry kid," LGDClaw said with a smile. "Look at it's HP - it's way less than the aquatic mutant whale that I've fought and beaten 2 weeks ago. I've got this." As the mini-boss roared, the young pirate cat leaped into action. Her strikes were swift and strong, and her whiskers were sternly, and straight. Soon, at about 2 minutes, the foul beast was felled, and to the victor, the spoils. "Told ya I'd win. Hey look, I'm level 188 now. Niiiice!"

    "Excellent work as always," Oryps complimented. "But... what about the treasure? Don't tell me this was just a baseless rumor all along..."

    "My whiskers says otherwise," LGDClaw winked. "Look." Soon, something formed on the ground after the 'congratulations!' message was faded away - a giant red tail-like substance appeared on the ground, with a note: Giant Exquisite Lobster Tail. "There's the treasure! See, that thing is quite special - I heard that if you grill it, it'll be one of the tastiest meals you can eat! And I'll tell ya - I'm a cat that does enjoy her lobster tails."

    "I see," said SlippieToady. "That'll be quite a feast! Say, can we make it in ALTO tonight?"

    "Yes of course," Oryps agreed. "But for now, we should head back and report to the Captain--"

    "Hold on," LGDClaw interpreted. "See that? There's another note with it."

    "What does it say?"

    "Hm, let's see..."

    "Congratulations, young explorers! This is a reminder that on the first minute of 21st of December, 2012 (JST), CLOUD will revolutionize. Make sure you're online before then to claim rare anniversary items and to catch the live screening of the special announcement! We hope to see you then!" Then, the message faded away.

    "Hey yeah, it's that other big rumor," said LGDClaw. "I'm pretty stoked about these rare items, y'know?"

    "More importantly," Oryps said. "I wonder what the announcement will be? When we've first heard of it in the guild, the people in the guild have been speculating that CLOUD will never be the same again, but... I wonder if there is more to that?"

    "Well, remember to set your alarm clocks," suggested LGDClaw. We're wakin' up bright and early to catch these rare items before they're all gone. Oh, and we'll stick around for that announcement too."

    "Aye, Aye!"

    "Good! Now crew! Let's moooove out, and head back home!"

    MISCELLANEOUS: LGDClaw isn't really that famous outside her guild. Recently she sought out on owning a pet cat in real life, once she gets the extra money.

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