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    Originally Posted by 4thGenAce:D View Post
    Okayy.. Those stones did not go off the rock.

    Congratulations on making it into the Showcase! I don't wanna spoil the fun.. So I'll stay quiet about the "Organization".. I'm totally excited!
    I liked the Kayo thing where he battles tons of goons and goonettes.. How great is that! But.. how did he survive?

    BTW, last night, I finally finished the game! Woohoo! Ferrothorn is amazing, he was the last member of my team with Protect, Leech Seed, Explosion and Thunder Wave.. He really can tank hits.. He absorbed 2 Flamethrowers from Shadow Lugia and still survived!!! (A teeny weeny 3HP!) But I only used it once though.. Kyogre swept 4 of his pokes (Mewtwo, Palkia, Dialga, Cresselia) and eventually lost to Regigigas, which was covered up by Mienshao and Durant.

    I love stalling.. I really do.. Ferrothorn is really great with it.. I'm glad to use him. :D
    how come? those 2 stones didnt jump off towards to me after defeating N >.< hahaha
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