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in this game all you have to do is say what the previous word makes you think of.
person1: toilets
person2: scrub brushes
person3: mops
person1: wigs
person4: clowns
and so on. before we start let me put down some basic rules
1. don't be too vague. by this i mean don't go saying something like "nothing" cause then it'll just lead to "something" and"something else" which is no fun

2. no repeating words. just to keep it from going: cat, dog, cat, dog. you don't have to search the whole thread but if you know its been done then don't do it

3. don't be too specific either. it'd be just as bad for it to turn into: blue crayon, red crayon, green crayon.

now lets start! i'll leave it where last was, so what do clowns remind you of?

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