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Hi Leikaru! I'm happy that you already have a game plan this early on, because it's gonna be a lot easier to keep coming back to this place when at the very start, you stay active in a specific section that you really like. :) I hope that all the stuff that you need will be easily accessible to you here! Also I'm glad that you decided to introduce yourself before everything. <3

Tell us about your interests! Like some shows that you watch, games that you play, hobbies that you do, etc. It's always a lot better to give as much info as possible in introductions, because you might meet someone with the same interests as you whom you'll immediately be best buddies with. :D I know for a fact that you're creative though, since you stated it, haha. I'm not really a creative person but I enjoy making icons and tags at my spare time. As for what you mentioned, you better set that creativity in motion as soon as you can, because writing (in Fanfiction & Writing) and game making (in Game Development) are pretty cool creative outlets. :3 Also, I'm not sure if you're planning on hacks or making games from scratch, but just in case it's actually the former, then Emulation's your best bet. ;D

In any case, I hope you have an awesome time here. I'll be looking forward to seeing your work! Welcome to the forums, Leikaru! n_n
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