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    Aoyama Katsumi (Family name Given name)
    30/05/1996; 16 years old
    Tokyo, Japan
    Katsumi has straight and layered black hair with side bangs that cover part of her right eye. She generally gets frustrated with her hair as it always seems to fall into her face when she’s studying. If it bothers her too much, she’ll tie her hair in a low ponytail that doesn’t really look attractive, but catches all of her hair except for her side bangs. When she wants her hair out of her way, she can really hate her side bangs as they are short enough that they can’t be tied up. Some have told Katsumi that she could clip her side bangs, but she hates clips more than she hates her hair.

    Katsumi has almond-shaped brown eyes that usually have dark circles under them due to a lack of sleeping. She would generally get four hours of sleep every day because of balancing school, studying, Cloud, and her part-time job. She has a very flat but long and small nose and she has chapped, full lips. Her teeth after having braces for two years but has fairly white teeth. She has pale skin that is generally common for Japanese people. She stands at 166 cm and weighs around 50 kg. Her ears are pierced, but she never changes her earrings, always opting to wear her small emerald studs that she got from her mum. She has a few scars from scrapes and burns and is fairly muscular due to being in Karate since she was five.

    Generally, Katsumi wears her school uniform, a dark blue blazer with silver buttons and a plaid blue skirt that reaches up to her knees. She wears thin, knee-high socks in the summer and thick, knee-high socks in the winter. Her shoes are regular black shoes whose soles are a bit scuffed due to her running around a lot. During the winter, Katsumi would wear a black coat that would stop just before the end of her skirt. She generally carries a small, black messenger bag with her to adequately hold her stuff, although she sometimes finds herself carrying her textbooks in her arms while waving down the public bus.

    If Katsumi just stays at home all day, she would not change out of her pajamas, which is usually a mixture of pajama pants and a t-shirt. If she does go somewhere, she’ll usually wear jeans, usually in their regular colour or black although she does have a tan pair, and any random clean shirts she can find. She likes to wear knee high boots with high heels, her favourite pair having heels three and a half inches high. Even though she walks around a lot, she loves to wear high heels, it is practically the only girlish thing about her, and can manage to full on sprint, upstairs or otherwise, with heels as high as four and a half inches. She has even been known to fight in her heels before and can usually keep her balance well when she kicks. She does not like wearing skirts or dresses, though.

    Her face:
    Her uniform:
    Her coat:

    Finalist at the 2011 Annual Champion Tournament
    Top-16 at the 2010 Annual Champion Tournament
    Top-32 at the 2009 Annual Champion Tournament
    Shi no Tenshi was, as the name might suggest, an angel with black wings. She had a wingspan of twelve feet when they were fully brought out. The huge wingspan made Shi no Tenshi looked larger than she actually was, which allowed her to intimidate her opponents, but she usually kept them either only a foot out or completely retracted. There were two holes on Shi no Tenshi’s back that her wings originated from. Using those holes, Shi no Tenshi could make her wings completely retract into her body. Her feathers were deadly despite their innocent appearance: they were as sharp as knives and were poisonous when touched. She usually liked to keep her wings completely retracted for the surprise and intimidation factor.

    Shi no Tenshi, like her wings, had a soft and delicate image. She stood at 152 cms and weighed only 30 kg, although she could still pack a strong blow. She no Tenshi did not have a well-endowed bosom, but she did have some curves. Her skin was extremely pale, as if she had no blood inside of her, and her lips were a pure black. She had long, straight, and raven locks that reached to the end of her back. Her eyes were always closed, even though she could “see” well enough. Opening her eyes was her trump-card in battles: her eyes were a pure black; she had no whites in her eyes and seeing her eyes would cause a daemon to be instantly defeated. Doing so would set Shi no Tenshi’s experience to get to the next level to zero. If she used the ability more than once every two weeks, Shi not Tenshi’s level would be set back to one.

    Shi no Tenshi wore a long, flowing dress that cut off at her ankles. The top of her dress, chest and up, was as black as midnight with no stars and no moon. Her dress, long-sleeved as it was, hid no scars. The skirt of her dress was a pure white, the colour of untouched snow. Underneath her dress, she wore whie slacks that cut off a few inches before the end of her dress. Her shoes are black flats, which are easy to walk around and fight in.

    Despite her humanoid appearance, Shi no Tenshi is not human at all. She has no blood or organs, and while she does have a skeleton, her bones are as strong as titanium and light enough for fast flight. If stabbed, what would mostly be hit would be the emptiness inside of her, and so it can be unnerving to other players who made their daemon have organs and blood. It takes a lot of pressure to break her bones.
    “Hey, did you hear?”

    “Hear what?”

    “About Cloud.”

    “What about it?”

    “There’s some rumours going on about the update that’s happening on the 21st. They say that if you log in between midnight and 12:01 a week before the announcement that they’ll be some secret sneak peek or something.”

    “It’s the seventh of December, so we’d have to *log in next week, right*?”

    “Exactly. Hey, do you have any idea about what upgrades they’re going to have?”

    Katsumi allowed the conversation to wash over her as she contemplated the information she heard while riding the tube. Was overhearing a whispered conversation really the best source of information? Of course, with a thing as popular as Cloud, any rumours should be looked into and well researched. After all, there were bound to be other hints of rumours in the internet with the way Cloud fans worked. Perhaps she should check the Senate when she got back home and perhaps Katsumi should tell Colette when she got home as well.

    While Cloud was accessible by any phone that had internet, Katsumi’s phone was probably the worst piece of technology she owned. It was a standard flip phone with the basic nine pad dialing. It was really old, maybe about seven years old, and the only accessory it had was the most basic of cameras. Still, her phone still worked and she hadn’t lost the charger forever yet, so there wasn’t a need to waste money to buy a new one. Plus, she couldn’t really afford a new phone with the hospital and medicine bills.

    Just thinking about money got Katsumi depressed. She wasn’t by all means a materialistic girl, although she loved her high heels and her technology, but money was harder to come by with her mother being sick. Katsumi had to work two jobs to pay the bills and still had to go to school and study as much as possible in order to get into a good college so she’d be able to afford a better paying job.

    Katsumi broke out of her thoughts when the tube landed at her stop. She exited out of the tube and onto the streets, contemplating whether or not she wanted to walk the few miles to her home or catch a public bus instead. Katsumi knew that she needed all of the time she could doing homework before heading to work, but the few miles would help her clear her head and would be inexpensive, despite it being fairly cold outside. Katsumi decided that more time was more important than saving a few extra cents and waited for the bus, pulling out her homework while waiting in the meanwhile.

    While she usually finished her homework at school, sometimes Katsumi’s teachers would assign projects that took a few days, usually a week for her due to her busy schedule, and she would most likely get an extension. The teachers were aware of her mother and cut her a bit of some slack, even though Katsumi had never asked for it. She didn’t want their pity; in fact, she hated pity and hated feeling helpless and weak. She couldn’t do much to help her mum but try to will her to get better, and Katsumi knew that there probably wasn’t going to be a Christmas miracle.

    Katsumi got home and decided that she was going to write a letter to Colette. Even though Colette might have heard about the rumour from the internet, a letter would be just as good. They had long ago switched from letter form to email form, but the intention was still the same.

    Katsumi went to her computer and started to write an email as Colette wasn’t on yet.


    How has your day been? From what I hear when we correspond, your days at your school are abnormal and I do wonder from time to time what sort of shenanigans you have come up with.

    My day has been well, school has been going great and the kids at my Karate class have been great. Most of them are fairly rowdy and there may be a few that disrespect me, but Miharu-sensei has been putting a stop to it. After all, how can you learn without respecting your teacher?

    I am not sure if you had heard, but there has been a rumour going around, saying that if you logged in between 00:00 and 00:01 here a week before the update, that we will get a special...what do you call it, sneak peek?

    I hope to hear from you soon, my friend.


    With her email done and sent, Katsumi got ready for Karate.
      • Katsumi is fluent in Japanese, can write and read English, and can speak and understand spoken Korean. She cannot speak or understand spoken English well (but she can a bit) and cannot read or write Korean at all.
      • Katsumi is friends with Colette, Nakuzami’s character. As a project in English class, Katsumi had to get a pen pal and managed to get Colette. They’ve been exchanging letters for five years now and are still close friends. Katsumi was the one to get Colette to join Cloud in the first place.
    J’ai une question: Is the sneak peek on the 21st or on the 14th? Kind of confused there. >>; <<;
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