Thread: D/P/Pt: Diamond, Pearl or Platinum?
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    Platinum would be 100% perfect but for one thing... Lack of Murkrow.

    It's not fair to compare Platinum with DP, though. I think it was a much bigger jump than the one between Emerald and RS, that is, much more things were changed in Platinum in comparison to the base versions, than Emerald.

    Actually, for me, comparing Platinum with any Pokémon game is unfair, because it's IMO the best Pokémon game ever made (haven't played BW2 yet), with HGSS a very close second. I played twice through it in a space of two weeks, something I've probably only done with Blue. The only complaint I have is that I think HGSS should've been released first, and its improvements introduced in Platinum instead, to make Platinum the definitive 4th gen game, much like Emerald was the ultimate 3rd gen game.

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