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There are many forums on here that might interest you on here.
There is a Trading forum where you can look at other people shops and trade with them or even make your own.
There is also a Competitive Battling forum where you can take part in battles with other Pokecommunity Members.

Anyway have fun with your EV Training.
Hello All ,
Are you a newbie to rom hacking?
Want to join a team but you haven't done rom hacking before or maybe you have done some rom hacking before but don't have any proof of work?
Well i am offering a solution... i am putting together a team of newbie rom hackers .
This is almost like an apprenticeship and by the time you want to leave.
You will have enough proof of work to get you into a team or maybe you just want to gain the skills and experience of being in a team.
PM me for more details.
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