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    I finally got some work done on the VienGonlo Language. Here's a pic of the runes:

    - Roots are used to form words. For example, the Roots for Ocean and Sky together form Rain.
    - Roots (Like Vien) are formed by two or three runes. (Golo means person/people if you were clever enough to figure out that Viengonlo itself is a derivative of the language)
    - You learn roots throughout the game, allowing you to solve puzzles and get more in-depth story. Fancy items will often be unlocked by solving these puzzles.
    - The Viengonlo number system is base 11. this means that instead of resetting and going up when it reaches 10, it resets when it hits eleven, This means that you will have to convert numbers into standard from Viengonlo. I use the & symbol to represent the new number that we don't have a word or symbol for.
    - When you reach 100 (actually 121 in standard) you just write a 1 followed by a zero. When you hit 110 (132) you write it with a 1 followed by a 10 in the second rune.

    UPDATE: I finished the Ruins Theme for Crimson. You can find it at I composed it myself in around 3 hours. Enjoy!

    EDIT: I fixed the broken link. Enjoy!

    EDITEDIT: NNNNEver mind.

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