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Right now I'm working on a video walkthrough for Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen Verisons. Classic.

Also, I will be starting work on a BW2 walkthrough pretty soon.

So I will hopefully be able to make a few threads pretty soon containing the videos for all to see.

As for my interests, well I've been a fan of Pokemon for almost the whole 15 years. I started as a kid with the anime, then soon to the GB with Yellow, and from there I could not put the GameBoy down. My favorite era was the metal versions, Silver is my all-time favorite. My favorite Pokemon is Dragonite, simply because it's a beast, and it's not even considered a legendary! :D

When I'm off Pokemon I usually play other games, although very rarely. Before I started making walkthroughs I was playing an MMO called TERA. It was pretty awesome. I also love cars, but that's a whole other topic!

And thank you guys for the warm welcome, I hope I can contribute largely to the forum. I'll see you around!

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