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Originally Posted by Leaf Storm View Post
I CAN'T RESIST ANYMORE. I hope you have a spot left for me. Reserve me plz!
Yay Meg! You are reserved! In the meantime...
FULL NAME: Philippa Watson
DATE OF BIRTH: 15/09/1989
CITY & COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE: New York City, United States Of America

APPEARANCE: The first thing you notice about Philippa is not her pretty face or her sour attitude but her startling pink hair. It's not a tacky pink either, as she re-dyes her hair every fortnight to keep the colour fresh and to stop regrowth. It's shaped rather nicely too, falling half a foot past her shoulders with a neat fringe, swept to one side. To keep up with her 'punk rock' attitude, Philippa has a few piercings; one in her left eyebrow, one in her bottom, left lip and four on each ear (with two higher up on her right side) with her lowest piercing on her left side being a curled, stretcher. She has a quite a few tattoos as well, mostly sleeving her arms with objects like flowers or birds, symbolising her life in some way. She's quite pale with contrasting reddish nose, cheeks and knuckles. She stands just above average height (probably 5"8' or so) and quite skinny, with her ribcage bones visible and not much going for her in the breasts department (she's almost flat chested. Almost). She has shadows under her golden brown eyes from being awake for ridiculous amounts of time and probably a little sickly if a worried person saw her.

Clothes-wise, she wears mainly singlet tops or t-shirts with a label or design branded across the front. Since it's winter in the US at the moment, she has to wear hoodies and sometimes layers up on singles and shirts to avoid wearing thicker coats. Short shorts are something she prefers but again, because of the cold, jeans are something she has to go for right now. Her favourite shoes are either simple combat boots (not the bulky kind), converse shoes or a simple pair of ballet flats. She wears a bit of jewellery; a snap band, a watch and woven bracelet on her right arm, a drill necklace and her piercings.

USERNAME: Pepperton
GUILD: Cloud Nine

  • 4th place - BASE Arena Unofficial Champion (2012 Summer Tournament)
  • Safety Deposit Box - Has held 100 rare items in inventory at one time
  • Solo Round - Has completed a STORM Dungeon without party members (2 times)
  • 9th place - ACID Arena Official Champion (2010 Christmas Tournament)

DAEMON APPEARANCE: Pepperton is a little hard to explain as what kind of DAEMON it is, on account Philippa's not too sure what it is. So far, she's convinced that it's a bipedal (standing on its hind legs) chinchilla with long, red, ponytailed, human hair, but a few times she's described it as a lioness. Physically, Pepperton is covered in a thin, sand-coloured fur, fit with paws that look too big for her hands at the end of her extremities and a tail with a tuft at the end. She also has ears which pop up through her hair and curled and ram horns which pose as nothing more than as a decorative item. Usually equipped, she has thin bandages around her torso and belted, denim short shorts which offer very little defence against any and all kind of blows. The reason she has such crappy armour is so she can attach her behemoth of a sword which looks almost double the size of Pepperton, though she can adapt to any kind of weapon or armour for any kind of situation. This is her preferable approach though.

Philippa, or Pippa as she usually insisted you call her, sat in the privacy of her booth in the New York Public Library. The library, despite its dusty smell and the sight of sometimes quite disgusting people, was one of her favourite places to be. Not only was there free internet and constant silence, but nobody bothered you (unless they were asking the time or something) and nobody really cared about you. It was a thousand (or more) lonely people at once. Physically, anyway. At the moment, Pippa in her own online world was in a STORM dungeon with several other party members. Useless party members, she might add.

"Pepperton, stop rushing ahead! We're meant to do this together. You're not the tank in this team!" she heard one of them whine through her headphones. Hellboiz4 sounded probably fourteen or fifteen years old and very much like he was late to the puberty train. Every time she rushed ahead, his voice would snap as easily as a twig.

Stop falling behind.

"You know, I can't keep healing you when I'm mean to be the DPS. I don't have the right items to do that properly," this time, a girl's voice moaned at her. Kinikit was a little bit older, probably Pippa's age, but had learned to adjust to Pippa's sudden change in class. Pippa indeed had meant to be the healer on this raid but seriously, Pippa would have to rethink next time she decided to party up with a bunch of weirdos from a random lounge in CLOUDLAND. She could get members from her guild but if there were any rare drops, the fights over the loot was intolerable.

Sorry, I didn't mean to but Hellboiz is the worst tank ever.

"Excuse me!?" his voice broke again and felt like nails on a chalkboard. "I wouldn't be so bad if you weren't such a bad healer! You don't even buff me. What gives?"

Don't blame the healer. You just suck.

"Yeah?! Why don't you get a microphone and say that to my face!!?" He sounded almost like he was going to cry. Pippa would have probably laughed if it wasn't for the fact she was in a library. Maybe if she killed him here, he would shut up. Having him drop some items and money wouldn't be too bad either. She wasn't that evil though, especially to a dork like this kid.

"Dude, shut up."

Yeah. Listen to the lady.

"You guys are just teaming up on me now. God!! I'm out of here!!" And with one last snap of his voice, he logged out, leaving Pippa alone with Kinikit. There was silence for a moment and a audible giggle.

"Well, that was pretty funn-- Gott sei Dank ist er weg," Pippa blinked as Kinikit's language slipped. Damn those CLEAR SKIES bugs. "Möchten Si-- to keep going or did you want to just teleport back to the start?

Let's just keep going. The dungeon's gonna end soon. The monsters are getting tougher too fast.

"Ok, sure!"

The two travelled together, Pippa tanking as Kinikit healed as best as she could, until they reached the top floor. The mini-bosses were getting more and more awful by the floor and if this was the last floor, that meant the dungeon boss wasn't far ahead and if there was anything more awful than a whining teenager or tedious mini-bosses, it was a dungeon boss. It probably would've been a better idea, like Kinikit said, to go back but it was really too late for that. They needed a strategy since just winging it wouldn't really cut it for this.

"Any ideas?"

Kind of. But not for a party of two. Just wanna attack it until we die?

"Yeah, okay. As much as the death penalty sucks, I'd rather try and get any experience or drops that we can off its lackeys," Kinikit went ahead and opened the boss door. Usually, a party would walk in and as soon as you hit the middle of the room or whatever, the boss would fall from the ceiling or come from the ground or... something. And because the boss randomised every time you went to a dungeon, it was hard to tell which boss you would get and what their routine was and how to tactically kill it. The two wasted no time to try and get the boss out of its hiding space but despite almost running to the centre of the room, it didn't come. Instead, they were greeted by a chime and a chest appeared on the other side of the room.

"That's odd," Pippa could almost see Kinikit's raised eyebrow because of her tone. Being a little more cautious, they opened the chest, granting them both an item. The item was not an equippable one nor did it have any real use except that if you examined it, it had a few sentences written on it.
If you log into your CLOUD account between 00:00 and 00:01 on the 14th of December, 2012, you will be given a special sneak peek announcement, giving a hint on what CLOUD's 10th Anniversary special announcement might be about. Spread the word! Don't miss out!
"Even odder again," Kinikit said, breaking the silence the two had shared while reading the note. "But, it looks like this dungeon's done. I'm gonna go talk to my guild about this. See you later, Pepperton!" She didn't waste any time teleporting back to the lobby. Pippa followed suite, though instead of going to the CLOUDLAND lounge, she logged out and shut the lid of her laptop, returning to reality. The information would be very beneficial to her, financially for herself and her guild. She sent a quick message with her phone to one of her guild friends, packed up her stuff and left the library for home.
  • Philippa has been on CLOUD since July of 2006
  • As far as popularity goes, Pepperton is a name regulars may recognise (like, "oh, I've seen them in the CLOUDLAND lounges a few times.") but never really met.
  • Despite being part of Cloud Nine and owning a fair bit of rare items (which she buys and sells all the time), she never really equips it. Her only rare items she equips regularly is her Behemoth Sword.
  • She does not miss events. Ever.
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