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    It can be used to transport multiple people and objects, but it requires physical contact with the user (some of my earlier posts in the first couple pages show this clearly, using a Kirlia wielder); a hand on their shoulder or their hand on yours, or even butting heads the moment the user was supposed to teleport, and you'd go with them. Eye contact at a distance, for example, wouldn't do it. The only way to teleport through indirect contact is having a bridge between the two people, like P1←→P2←P3 (that is, P1 is the teleporter, P2 is touching P1 and P3, but P3 is only touching P2). In this case, all people involved are teleported, and obviously, the more matter moved, the more energy required of the teleporter. There's going to be a limit on how many people can be teleported at once or over a period of time without suffering from fatigue.

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