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Name: Takumi Makkusu

Nickname: T

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Species: Human


Personality: If you ever experienced the life of Takumi, you would know what it's like to live with 3 different siblings. Takumi is a little greedy, yet kind. Yes he likes to get what he wants, but he will be patient also to get it. There's not much to say about him... Oh, except that he's extremely shy, yet optimistic to people. Takumi can get a little cranky when he doesn't get enough sleep. He likes to stay up late, so it's best that someone puts him to sleep, which is unlikely. Takumi may be shy, but he can put up a good fight. He's pretty quick, what he makes up for in power he makes up in speed. His favorite thing is chocolate. He also has poor experience with girls. One more thing: He'll ask questions when he wants to know something specifically. He is also afraid of horror films, but not that afraid...

History: Takumi grew up with three other siblings. He has a brother name Steve, & two sisters named Sam & Shiki. Takumi is the oldest sibling, Shiki 2nd oldest, & Steve the 3rd. Sam is the youngest sibling. They don't get along well. Both their parents have part-time jobs, but they get paid well so they spend plenty of family time. There are some evening at dinner where not everyone is at the table. This made the siblings a little distant.

When Takumi was headed back home from school, he heard some strange sounds around the corner. When he took a peek, he saw his oldest sister, Shiki, getting bullied by some guys. Takumi stepped in & got in between. The group told him to stay out of it, but he wouldn't. He was his sister after all. Takumi has been taking some karate lessons since he was five, so beating these guys up wasn't a challenge.

Shiki was grateful to Takumi, making her more of a sister for the family. Shiki usually helps out Takumi with problems. She even gets him & her siblings some chocolate occasionally. Takumi's eyes shined brightly just staring at the sweet treat. He does not like to share it with anybody, unless he likes that person a lot.

Takumi had gotten expelled from his high school when he almost got sent to jail for almost...beating a freshman to death. Basically, this freshman was asking for it! At least his friends would see him after school for the next few days. His parents couldn't figure out what high school would take Takumi now. Mysteriously, his dad found a piece of paper somewhere. It was a flyer for a school called Youkai Academy. Takumi found it very for some reason, but his parents made the decision. They offered a room for every student, so Takumi was looking forward to living at a school. Guess it was good-bye to his friends, siblings & parents, for now. Shiki was suspicious of this school, Steve was jealous, & Sam wanted to go too. She didn't of course. So Takumi packed his stuff & some chocolate & got on the bus, heading straight for Youkai Academy, unknown about the dangers he would face.

Weakness: His weakness is chocolate & scary things. Scary things: horror films, monsters, death etc.

Other: Takumi likes wings. He studies the birds of any species on his spare time. He actually wants wings. He doodles on a piece of paper, making wings trying to make it with enough detail. It's decent.

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