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    Chapter Zero: Part Zero

    Name: "Solo"
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Species: Lycan

    Solo is a gray wolf, with a lithe figure but tight, packed muscle well-hidden. His eyes gleam a furiously cold icy blue, and his expressions in either form can be intimidating; however, because of his thin frame, people tend to assume he's a wimp, and often lose against him when it comes to fistfights. His human form is very similar, as he stands at a solid six feet, with a weight of about one hundred and eighty pounds (almost entirely muscle). His skin is pale, but he often stays in dark shadowy areas, so this is only noticeable when he's in a well-lit room. He wears all baggy clothing, usually black or dark gray T-Shirts, V-Necks, or hooded jackets, with gray cargo jeans that are also just as baggy (baggy as in the legs are long, not "oh, my pants are hanging around my ankles" baggy). His dark clothing compliments his medium-long gray-black hair, as well as the gray ears and tail which he chooses to keep even in his human form. While he detests his human form, he only seems to change back when he's sleeping, or when he's alone. Very few at the Academy have seen him change (No, not even the fangirls). He wears a blood-dried tooth on a necklace, another thing he'll refuse to talk about. If anyone so much as attempts to touch it, prepare for another fistfight. His general posture is slightly slouched, hands in his pockets with a look that says "I don't want to be here." His expression is almost never smiles or joy. His regular expression could be read as depressed, or lost in thought, or simply bored; it varies with the person. The closest thing to a smile ever seen was a slight smirk, usually after some sort of prank has been pulled.

    Solo is, if nothing else, silent. He doesn't care for anyone but himself, and will often ignore assignments or homework unless he thinks there's actually a reason to. He is generally calm and quiet, but a terrible temper dwells within, and often shows itself to those who ask questions, or get too close. The only entertainment he seems to find is the constant pranks he pulls on teachers, often with the aid of his telekinetic powers. He has recently taken notice to his stalkers, or "fangirls", and is very unhappy about it. Because, despite his anger, yelling, and threats, they continue to invade his privacy. His solace comes from one of his more valuable possessions; an MP3 player. His happiest moments are alone, with nothing but him and his dark-themed music, usually depressing rock or metal songs. Though, hidden on his MP3 player are some very deep, heart-tugging songs, to which he'll occasionally sing along to, if he's alone. It's during this time that his true emotions reveal themselves, but so far, it has gone unnoticed. Solo hides his feelings, so he's seemingly only either calm or angry. Despite this, people continue to wonder about him. Solo is often fighting with the teachers, or even other students, and isn't hesitant to storm out of a class or throw a large fit about something.

    Fighting Style:
    His fighting skill involves a flurry of well-placed punches, kicks, and jabs, and in rare cases, he'll use his telekinetic powers to amplify his attacks, by boosting the velocity of each movement. When he fights, he's often quick and dodgy; his lean figure is accompanied with a very flexible and agile movement ability. Speaking of which, it's his lean shape and "bad boy" attitude that has fangirls gushing over him. His telekinesis is useful in battle, but when someone angers him he tends to lose focus, and with it, the ability to use it. His blind rage causes some furious fighting, but without his powers, he's weak against wielders of magic; one of the few things he's incapable of dodging or countering. He is not one for teamwork, and will only do what he feels necessary to survive.

    Almost /nothing/ about Solo is known; not even his real name. He neglects the past and angers easily whenever it is brought up. It is worth mention that Solo has a deep hatred for humans and Werewolves, and will make it very clear.

    He is unable to dodge (and is very susceptible) to magic attacks. His fury clouds his reasoning, and while his attacks are stronger, he doesn't put any thought into them, which is often his downfall. That, or he'll use his telekinetic powers too much, and pass out from the exhaustion. Any extensive use of telekinesis will often result in headaches, varying in degree of pain depending on the amount of power used and for how long.

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