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Fighting Ultimate Challenge Hoenn Update #6
^Dove under water
^Found Seafloor Cavern
^Was defeated by Archie
^Went back and lost again (Really? why must crobat be so fast??)
^Actually beat Archie!! (Thank GOD I remembered Blaze Kick this time!!)

^Learned that Kyogre has started to murder the world
^Tried to find my way to Sootopolis
^Found Kyogre and Groudon fighting
^Steven took me to the Cave of Origin
^Found Wallace
^Wallace told me of Rayquaza
^Now I must find my way to Sky Pillar
^Found Sky Pillar
^Wallace scared the living crap out of me
^Climbed Sky Pillar
^Found Rayquaza
^Rayquaza flew away
^Went back to Sootopolis
^Rayquaza soothed Kyogre and Groudon
^Went and talked to Wallace who was blocking my way to the gym
^ok then..... I have to talk to Archie and Maxie
^Now I talk to Wallace
^Went into the gym



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