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Name: Jessica Ranger
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Personality (at least one full paragraph. I may ask for more if I'm not satisfied):

History (At least two full paragraphs. I may ask for more if I'm not satisfied. If you've already met your dragon, include how you met it):
Spells known: Jessica can summon a sword or a bow made out of magical energy which lasts for roughly fifthteen minutes. After using the spell, she is severely weakened but can summon another sword in around seven minutes.

Dragon Species: Wingless Amphisbaena
Name: Luphur
Gender: Male
Age: Ancient
Description: Luphur's appearance is of a normal Amphisbaena. His body is as long as 6 feet, which is pretty long. He has thick, dark and brownish scales. His twisted horns are a shining white, like they were just polished. He wears a collar that is engraved with luscious silver that is starting to rust. Luphur has a few scars scattered around because of the past fights he was in, but they are not really seen because of the hue of his scales. Luphur is rarely ridden by his tamer, only if Jessica is in a hurry and she needs to get somewhere extremely quickly. When ridden, he wears a fashionable leather saddle held together with rough straps. He has razor sharp teeth which aren't just for show and tell.
Personality: Luphur is usually sort of in a bad mood but he somehow manages to cope with Jessica's loud blabbing and chattering. Of course when its time to eat he bickers with his other head alot while sometimes arguing with his tamer. Usually though, Luphur is loyal, always listening to Jessica's commands unless she wants him to do something really dangerous. Sometimes he is dishonest and doesn't listen. He tries to open his heart and express his true feelings, but he gets ignored most of the time. When in a battle, Luphur is usually ruthless and over-reacts when attacked. He attempts to not be annoying and in the way of everything.

RP Sample:

Tiny bit more added to my WIP app.
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