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I'd like the Safari Zone to come back, but ONLY if it's like Kanto's. Just simple, adventurous, catching with rarer Pokemon being deeper in. No placing stuff in and waiting, no rearranging areas(though it was kinda cool). I also like the throwing bait/rocks. I'd always bait it, and try to catch it. If it missed, I'd throw a rock in frustration. xD

Maybe it could have areas that require an HM to reach that contain its own Pokemon. Or increase the number of steps slightly to maybe 600-650? Like you could pay differently for different levels of "time" you want to spend there: $500 for the Basic Experience(500 steps, 30 balls), $700 for Tourist Experience(700 steps, 45 balls), and $1000 for the Full Experience(1000 steps, 60 balls). It would help those people who just didn't want to leave yet and would have to come right back in.
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