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    update #2 of silver
    >taught the totodile surf to get to cianwood city
    >defeated chuck
    >defeated jasmine
    >got through team rocket's hideout, had a bit of trouble with the boss' houndoom but ended up taking it down in its sleep
    >defeated pryce
    >got through team rocket at radio tower
    >defeated clair
    >went through victory road fine and defeated rival for the last time
    >defeated elite 4, thought I would have trouble again with a houndoom but I simply used destiny bond
    >defeated champion!

    now off to kanto again, to finish off silver

    BIG-DON lv.50 @never-melting ice
    ice punch/ fire punch/ destiny bond/ confuse ray

    PHANTOME lv.49
    hypnosis/ dream eater/ shadow ball/ confuse ray

    BLACK FC: 0132 0783 1389
    SOUL SILVER FC: 5414 0665 8930