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Kilik Chambers - Mountains

Yes, Valorie up & went away on Dragonite. She seemed to return to normal, if you count her behaviour normal. She didn't even respond to Mark, not even a glance. Guess she was still taking her loss pretty hard.

Moving on.

Mark, Lucia, & Eric left on their Salamence. Now it was just Draco, Mana & Kilik. Looks like Kilik could now hitch a ride on Zeal. "Well, let's get going then," Kilik exclaimed. He carefully hopped on to Zeal from the back, eyeing Mana. She wanted to say something to Kilik later. Kilik had a good guess that she might reveal a secret to him & Draco. Does she actually have anything to do with how Valorie acted recently? There was only one way to find out, so Kilik would stick by Mana 'til she confesses. He was ready, just had to wait for Zeal to take off.

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