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Doctor who is a timeless series depicting the adventures of a Time Lord, Doctor Who, and his various companions as they explore all of time and space, solving mysteries and saving planets as they go. But we all knew that, so what I'm interested in is your thoughts about it! We're here to discuss anything and everything related to Doctor Who, so don't be shy any Whovians out there. This is a thread that could encompass any number of Doctor Who related topics, so we'll start off with one simple question and see where the discussion leads us.

Most topical right now in light of the recent Christmas episode featuring Jenna-Louise Coleman as the Doctor's new companion is the topic of how well she's going to fare and whether or not she'll match up to Karen Gillan as Amy Pond. Personally I thought Jenna played Clara Oswin-Oswald incredibly well and that she'll be a wonderful new addition to the cast. Her flirtatious nature and banter with the Doctor was refreshing to see so I'm expecting great things from their oncoming relationship, but perhaps the underlying "she's already died twice and keeps coming back in different time periods" issue will just lead to a whole new confusing story arc for us to scratch our heads through all over again? She had an obvious determination to support the Doctor and stick by him so there's no question in my mind about her being a great choice for a companion, but perhaps Karen should've stayed around a little longer before leaving the show whilst they were just starting to get back into the old "there's a problem -> Doctor and companion sort it" stories, as opposed to the whole recent confusing story arcs about who is who's child and who's marrying then killing who in what time period and how many times etc.

So what are your expectations about Jenna taking over as the Doctor's new assistant?
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