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So what did you think about Kanto in HG/SS?
I really liked the remake of Kanto, despite not being my fave region.

Was it fun?
Yes. The region brought all the nostalgia back to me.

Did it last as long as you'd expect?
It was surprisingly short for me. I didn't even do much other than the Gyms.

What surprised you in Kanto?
Walking with my Pokemon, just like what many experienced in the days of Yellow.

Did you like Johto better?
I liked Johto better in terms of designs, especially the Japanese-inspired Ecruteak City.

What did you like/dislike about Kanto?
Like: The fact it is the only region to lack my worst enemy, long grass. Also it doesn't have many flaws in terms of gameplay.
Dislike: Well, nothing.

Important for 99.99% of these questions, is why? xD
Or maybe Johto was what you disliked/liked? If so, you could answer the questions and replace Kanto with Johto.
Any other stuff?

Again, Johto didn't have many flaws. HG/SS are must-plays because they capture the true nostalgic feeling of G/S/C. I really recommend it.
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