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    Nemo "Ace" Dannan - Icy Plains
    Being able to move again was the most glorious part of Nemo's departure, because standing still would allow the cold to slip past her defenses and nip at her like some annoying little child. Not to mention that there was something satisfying about the crunch of snow beneath her feet; crunch crunch crunch. The world was responding to her every command, being shaped by her will, and the snow knew that; it made way for Ace. Not like the grass, who just bended right back up, or sand that always got up in her clothes. They would be the first things to go when she became the greatest trainer on the island; snow everywhere, and it would be glorious.

    With her teenage imagination getting a spark of freedom in anything besides battling, Nemo's more rational mind thought about the situation with those in the icy plains. They had some issues, not to mention that older woman who waltzed about the snow like a Gothitelle cosplayer. Who was she meant to be, anyway? And what were those things sticking out of her head, like chubby little Umbreon tails? Not to mention the spindly groomer; he seemed like a nice enough kid, but honestly. It wasn't his problem to distribute Pokemon, and Olivia had off- Oh, Olivia. In all of Nemo's thinking, she'd forgotten about the other girl she was carrying around; didn't feel like there was much meat on her bones, anyway.

    Fortunately, Olivia had the talking thing down, and brought up something to talk about before things got inevitably awkward. "Yes." She answered, looking out for potential pools of ice that she might slip on as she maneuvered across the plains. "It's too cold to reveal your skin in these plains; unless you want to go through physical training, but that takes a while, and it stings like crazy until you do. And you don't seem like a pants-wearer." Powder always complained about getting ladders in her tights, but unless Olivia planned to go sprinting down any more mountainsides or other strenuous activities, Nemo silently reasoned that it shouldn't be a problem.

    Then, the swagger-walking teen realized that the conversational ball had been shoved into her hands; letting it drop would just be disrespectful, and who knew what cards Olivia hid up her sleeves. She could afford the luxury of of an imbalanced team and those fairly fancy clothes, like most people at the academy, so perhaps she was rich; or her father was a major gang boss. Or maybe those clothes were normal for everyone not in a poor region, and Nemo was over-thinking about comparing these other cultures to her own. Still, something needed to be said. Battling was all they'd talked about, so it couldn't be that; so she resorted to the other important aspect of her life; social awkwardness.

    " love me, huh?"
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