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    Originally Posted by Forever View Post
    But if they were harder to beat then it means that the protagonist might give up easier, like, wouldn't it be more motivational if you're outright stronger than the villains, showing that inside your heart... you're actually stronger? I mean you want to be better without training hard, you want to overcome evil, and for evil to never be too strong and can easily be suppressed by good.
    Well, going along with what Twilight Sky said, I mean look- at D/P/Pl, your rival, Berry, lost to Juptier of Team Galactic. And after he lost, he goes on to day, 'that pokemon is suffering... I have to become stronger!'. I dunno, I just don't see regular pokemon trainers giving up that easily, if they -do- love pokemon as much as they say, so it'd be natural for them to fight for them. ):

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