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  • I was looking at the Create a fakemon Thread, and i have to say, it gave me alot of inspiration, and i think your art is really good.
    Shit, just found out someone else is stealing Primarina. I suggest using Ashirene (the Japanese name) instead then.
    I say that the datamining means a huge victory for both Team Rowlet and Team Popplio. I feel Rowlet's going to still be most chosen but Popplio definitely redeemed itself.

    As for Team Litten... well let's say they are likely ditching the kitty because they were the huge losers of the Great Alola Starter War of 2016.
    This pic you posted is absolutely gorgeous and cute at the same time:
    It's adorable and I'll still love mine if it's male. No one should torture Popplio into constant soft-resets for gender.
    Thanks ^--^ !

    I fell in love with Lurantis the first moment I saw it! It's one of my favourite 7thgen Pokémon. It just looks so beautiful and it reminds me of Leavanny and a bit of Gallade, two Pokémon I love too.
    With the list confirmed fake, it will make me at least still hyped since there's still no word on what else to expect.
    I feel that the split evolutions with different typing is something very odd indeed, especially considering the starters and Rockruff are involved in it which likely hints that split evolutions that change types are the secret they are holding.

    As to how I can accept this mechanic it will come down to what circumstances determine each particular typing because I know you want your Water/Fairy siren-sea lion beauty.
    We can both agree Rowlet's final evolution is a badass that everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon of. The archer concept is definitely something unique to the table.
    Unfortunately it's a bad day for Team Litten as well because their worst fear got proven and that is the bipedal Fire starter trend continued.
    well i'm glad you're finally doing what feels right to you
    lord knows it's hard to deal with all those internalised feelings, particularly when you have both the academic understanding and the emotional connection to The Transgender Question. not being able to understand or express that identity is our biggest killer. aside from, y'know, actual murderers.

    i know exactly what you're talking about - to be honest, it's kinda been a while since i've put genuine thought into why 'i feel the way i feel', but it's pretty similar to the early childhood/youth/puberty etc experiences you hint at. i'll have to do a write-up sometime.

    re: transitioning/dating

    tbh i have no real idea when i want to transition and to what degree. i just don't have the time, honestly. maybe when i'm back to uni full-time rather than working full-time and just thanking god for giving me employment for the meanwhile, lol. it's just complicated and i don't exactly have a good handle on stress as it is, lmao. it'll happen sooner rather than later but i'm not fussed in the meanwhile. do you have any idea about how far you want to go?

    as for dating
    god we've been together for about eight months! i don't think there's anything different about the dating experience thus far considering i'm yet to do any sort of transitioning and he's very understanding about the whole thing. if he cared about sex there'd probably be an issue since i'm pretty uncomfortable about that, but when we have had sex, it's been very good. i'm just not big on sexual intimacy for the meanwhile. i think i'm just uncomfortable with sex 'as a man', i'm certainly not without experience. but he's totally accommodating and that's the whole point.
    oh he's lovely
    very tall, very kind and very Social Justice Inclined
    granted we had a fight like three hours ago lmao but that'll pass lol
    he's just Perfect for Me right now

    i'm surprised you're describing it all in such scholarly detail instead of the usual throughfare of It Was A Feeling
    not that you're wrong about any of it it's just interesting to see one's own gender referred to so academically
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