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    "No freaking way! My name is Haru too! Haru Hatake!" the other boy, apparently also named Haru, laughed almost menacingly. It made Haru stunned further into silence as the other Haru, Hatake, summoned his Munchlax.

    "Those pokemon of yours are real live wires. Mine are like that too," Hatake continued, Haru's focus coming back to life as Void turned the corner. Hopefully there was a peaceful resolution at the end of all this.

    "You can say that again," Haru almost murmured to himself. Kaiser was like that normally, but he came back when he was ready. It wouldn't be the first time that he ran off to cause some mischief, but the boy felt better that Luna was there to keep him in check. She was a pretty strong leader and the other two followed her direction well. As long as her goals weren't to cause trouble they couldn't be that bad off. Icarus was the least of his worries; the bird often went with the flow and tagged along with the others. Thinking of his Swablu, though, Haru felt kinda guilty that he didn't have another flying-type for Icarus to play with. He had a lot of flying pokemon friends back in Fortree, but now there was no one to fly with. Tomorrow, Haru thought to himself, he'd devote time to go out in search of some flying pokemon. "I'm not that worried, but sometimes I wish I could throw a collar around them."

    Luna, Kaiser and Icarus stopped short on their way back to Haru as they saw a Munchlax running towards them. Unsure of the other pokemon's motives they stood their ground and prepared for what came next. Luna kept a tight hold on the plate of food and cup in her hands; she was in the presence of the ravenous pokemon after all.
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