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Originally Posted by Ryoutarou View Post
And maybe it's just me, but I think it'd be kind of neat to have the Doctor with a solo male companion for a while.
Now this is something I'd love to see. The episodes where he was working with James Corden or with Donna's granddad were great, I loved the dynamic of him having a male assistant as it cut out all of the constant flirting and made it more about "We've got a job to do, let's do it in an awesome way!"

Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
I'm just happy the Ponds have finally jumped ship. I loved Rory so, so much but Amy definitely overstayed her welcome for me. I really like how Karen Gillan played her but I'm nooot a fan of Moffat's writing and generally haven't really liked any characters a whole lot since he took over in series 5. :( But hopefully now that there's a new companion, the show won't feel so stagnant?
Ehh this sums up my thoughts about Moffat too. The change of writers really didn't benefit the show well. I can't see him changing this for the new companion though, if anything it's just going to get worse now that he's past his introductory period and he has a character that he's controlled from the start to play around with.

Originally Posted by Ryoutarou View Post
I would think so. Moffat did make the claim that the series was going to be in production longer than ever and that they were specifically pushing the show back so it could air on autumn and winter nights where the episode airs when it's dark out and that...kind of happened. The longer production bit could just mean that season 7 has a longer production period because of the weird way the episodes are spread out, but I kind of think he would be a bit more clear on the matter if that was the case. I mean, half the fandom could be jumping to conclusions, but it just seems like something that would be addressed if that was the case.
I guess it's the kind of rumour where if one person says it and other people want it to be true, they'll say it too haha. I do hope it's not just a rumour, but with the 50 year anniversary coming up and all the plans of 'bringing old Doctors' and such, I am expecting quite a lot from 2013. Quantity of episodes doesn't necessarily equate to 2013 being a good year or not, but as long as there's an obvious change in Moffat's writing style or at least some decent story/character hooks to prepare us for 2014 then I'll be happy enough. Although "longer production" could just mean they're playing around with special effects more than ever as we can see from the Christmas special haha.
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