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I'm addicted to:

Eureaka 7
Tenchi GXP (I also loved the original Tenchi Muyo!)

I love Naruto but these are all the episodes from the first season. I've already seen them and if I want to watch them again I'll get out the box sets.

I am so mad that they sold Naruto Shippuden to Disney!!!!!!! *puffy face* I don't get Disney XD so I don't get to watch them T.T I have to wait for the box sets to come out or watch them online.

I've seen all of the FMA: Brotherhood and the original FMA so I skip them.

Samurai 7 I watch but I have the series so it's like "eh if I miss it I'll catch it later."

Thundercats is ok. I watch it when I am bored. Same with SB Titan.

I then go to bed lol I don't stay up for the others. The only other one I'd stay up to watch would be Inuyasha but, again, I have the series so I can watch them whenever.

I do miss Durarara. It was awesome!

Deadman Wonderland was ok. I watched it and it made me curious as to what would happen next but I ended up missing a lot of episodes due to work T.T
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