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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
So guys I'm skipping the weekly poll this week because I'd rather get feedback on how to improve them (plus everyone is into the new games right now so they might get less attention than they would normally).

1. How would you like to see the weekly polls improved?
2. What would make this forum more appealing to you?
3. What would make you more active here?
4. Any other ideas?
5. How can B/W still stand out with B2/W2 and the new generation around?

Discuss gogo.
1. I think the weekly polls are working quite well right now with the competitive feel about them. Unfortunately, I am bad with new ideas for questions, but you could always ask which is like cuter?
2. It would be more appealing if we keep up the "What is your team" and the travel logs. Maybe if the "waht is your team" was made a sticky, more people would look at it.
3. I'd be more ative if there was more involvement with the community. There are great threads on this forum that talk about interstting stuff, but maybe (like the polls) there needs to be somethingw ith a little bit of community attention (e.g bw tourneys/giveaways/contests)
4. A comm day like BC had would be interesting for bw
5. Well, things like bc stand because there is no timeline for it, it stands through every generation. Unfortunately, with bw it has its timeline. What I see a lot of in the past generation forums is like nostalgic stuff that maybe we could start to put in this thread. One thread in gen4 was about whether people would still play gen4. That seemed to get some good attention.