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Hey, kelario, a few things.

Re: Murder rates. New York has 19 million people. Alaska has 700,000. Of course there are going to be more murders in NY.

Re: criminals. You seem to think that there is a black and white distinction between "criminals" and "law abiding citizens." Most people have committed some crime, from jaywalking, speeding, downloading music, shoplifting, assault, and upwards of very serious crimes. Everyone obeys most laws. Criminals obey most laws most of the time and are LACs until they decide to break the law. This CEO has probably been law abiding his whole life, but if he were to kill someone he'd become a criminal. So which would he be? Criminal or not?

Someone come in here and help me word this properly because I don't think I'm getting across the point clearly enough. Criminals are not criminal in everything they do and don't break every law. If you restrict gun purchases many "criminals" will follow that law.
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