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Originally Posted by Zahri View Post
My apologies. That issue should now be rectified if you'd be willing to try it again

I have no issues taking more specific pictures for better evaluation, if they're necessary.

Pricing out just the first page for now, as that's a lot of cards to be pricing in one go (as in, the one furthest to the left).
Gyarados Base Set (non-shadowless): $3 to $6.
Dark Gyarados Team Rocket: Is that the holo or the non-holo? I can't tell, but since it doesn't seem to affect its price much, holo version is $1 to $3, while non-holo version is $0.75 to $1.50.
Poliwrath Base Set (non-shadowless): $2 to $4.
Vaporeon Jungle holo: $3 to $6.
Lapras Fossil non-holo: $0.75 to $1.50.
Blastoise Base Set (non-shadowless): $10 to $15.
1st Edition Smeargle Neo Discovery: $10 to $15.
Japanese Neo Genesis Kingdra: $1 to $3.
Japanese Gym 2 Giovanni's Gyarados: $2 to $4.

Post here again with the page you'd most like evaluated next, so I remember to price it.

Originally Posted by aasherknight View Post

both are rare and holo

Scyther 10/64
Breloom 16/109

Your picture doesn't work on my end, so, I will be guessing which cards you mean just based on that small bit of info:

Jungle Scyther - I need info on whether this is first edition or not, as that affects the price of it somewhat.
Breloom ex: Ruby and Sapphire (reverse holo of a non-holo rare card): $0.75 to $1.50

Originally Posted by Curious. View Post
I've got a Shining Charizard that was given to me along with a bunch of other cards when I was younger, and I just wanted to see how much it's worth. It's exactly like this:

Shining Charizard Neo Destiny: $30 to $40 USD, which is about $28 to $38 AUD.

Originally Posted by PigsOutsider View Post
I've a 1st Edition Neo Revelation Celebi, #16 Non Holo, PSA Graded 10. How much is this worth?

1st Edition Neo Revelation Celebi, #3 Holo, PSA Graded 6. Value of this too?

PSA 10 Neo Revelation Celebi: Considering the ungraded version is $5 to $10, I'd have to guess it's between $20 and $25, since I don't have a large sample size of completed listings to go off for the ungraded cards and no listings to go off of for the graded English cards.

PSA 6 graded version of the card is probably $5 to $10, but, again, I don't have a large sample size of ungraded sold completed listings to go off of.


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