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    Originally Posted by Mac View Post
    I would really like the legends to be a bit less obvious than they were in B2W2 for some Pokemon. Like, oh look there's Virizion. Whoopty-doo. Oh, Cobalion is in the road... or there's Terrakion in the grass... I thought that was a bit lame, tbh. Hopefully they'll make it a bit more creative this time, at least in BW you had to defeat Cobalion who was hidden away in a cave off the beaten path before you could get the other two.
    The reason the Muskedeers were right in your face in B2W2 was because as mentioned by Rood, they were actively seeking YOU out, so they weren't meant to be hard to find cause they wanted you to find them.

    I do agree though that in this gen, legendaries do need to be more of a challenge to find , especially the ones at the very back of each national dex.

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