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At the beginning of Unova, I was excited for Team Rocket's new arc. However, their darker more mysterious antics began to feel stale and there was just no real reason to feel or care for what they were up to. Even though I was glad, and still am, that their attempts at stealing Pikachu and blasting off [again] had been retired, I missed their personalities. The anime may be targeted at a younger audience, but I feel like the writers and producers could have done a whole lot more with Team Rocket to balance their darker tones with the characters we knew them to be. If they had done that, then I feel like their attempt at a newer Team Rocket could have had more success and not be left with mixed feelings.

Hearing that the old, goofy, fail-at-everything Team Rocket will be back in Episode N doesn't make me feel too content though. I may have felt like Team Rocket's evil schemes may have gotten stale, but I'm not really ready to go back to their old ways entirely. I'd just prefer more of a balance. I felt like the very first couple of episodes of the Original Kanto series had done that well from what I remember.
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