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I would love for the RSE style to return. They made you really hunt your legendaries, and that's what it's all about for me. It was fun and made it all the more special, and it really felt like you were a real trainer, uncovering mysteries and searching for this legendary Pokemon. Needless to say, I'm a big fan of how you unlock the areas to get to the Regi Trio. Probably the most fun I ever had, and still have really, finding and catching a legendary.

I'm not saying Braille needs to return, but it'd be nice to have a build up to the legendaries we're looking for and not have them in the middle of the road like SOME games...

The reason the Muskedeers were right in your face in B2W2 was because as mentioned by Rood, they were actively seeking YOU out, so they weren't meant to be hard to find cause they wanted you to find them.
Playing B2W2, I liked that concept that they were looking for you, but gameplay wise, it made it boring. So while it has a good reason, it's still something I wouldn't want to see in XY or subsequent games for that matter. The saving grace for legendaries in B2W2 is that there are a few you have to actively seek yourself, so just those three being out like "hey here I am" is overridden by many others that need more effort.

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