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Chikoritaaaa! That was the first thing I noticed about your thread. <33 I absolutely love her and she's the best grass starter. You have good taste! Anyway, welcome Steve and I'm super glad to see you join us here. n~n

So you're 20 years old? I'm 21 so we're around the same age; that's pretty cool. You'll probably find a lot of others who are around as old as you here since PC seems to have more of those members around. So being too old for Pokemon is of course something that doesn't exist here!

Really happy to see more Pokemon anime fans though. Really, really am. The anime is pretty good and seeing all your favorite characters animated makes it really worth watching, in my opinion. Was about to link you to the Pokemon Anime section but then noticed you've already been posting there - keep that up as it's an awesome place. It could use more love so anyone who gets involved gets brownie points from me, mhmm. Do you watch Best Wishes/Black & White? I've kind of slowed down when it comes to watching but once the N saga starts up, I'm never going to miss a single episode! We should totally talk about the anime sometime, would be absolutely wonderful to have more people to converse about it with and you seem like quite a dedicated fan. :D

But ahh, R/S/E really were pretty great games, agreed. I poured over 150 hours into my Sapphire and it was definitely worth it. Plus the thunderstorm looked a lot more ferocious than the drought, wouldn't you say? As different as those games were from G/S/C, they were still pretty darn awesome. Besides, we got contests! Those were super fun and ridiculously addicting... though I never did get all the ribbons I wanted.

Anyway, before I go on and on and write a book, I think I'll stop myself here. <3; Have a splendid time on PC and contact me whenever to talk, yes? You sound like a great person!

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