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    Apollo & Vlad
    Apollo stared at the little human child in disbelief. Maybe they were making a mistake in trying to capture this one. It seemed....broken. Was broken the right word? Damaged, crazy, insane even. Why would someone know what they were getting into and willingly be abducted. It didn’t seem right and it sent a long standing shiver down his spine. Not entirely dissimilar to the feeling when Glacia stared him down. He cursed himself silently when he remembered that Glacia was still waiting for his return. It mattered little how uncomfortable this human made him, he had to take the chance while he could.

    “Y-yes, we are here for you,” He answered the human uncomfortably. Apollo could hardly stand to look at her. How could this stuff be so easy for Glacia? Shifting his weight nervously, he turned his attention back to the Charizard who had been observing silently. “Vlad, what do you think? Can you carry all of us?”

    The looming dragon let out another belly laugh, as if he thought the very suggestion to be insulting. “Little onez, you poze no problemz for me to carry,” he boasted proudly. Vlad stood majestically on his hind legs, his wingspan casting them in shadow. “Now, we muzt get back.”

    “Uh, fine.” Apollo climbed up the lizard’s back, his former spot retaken. “Can you do me a favor Vlad?”


    “Can you carry the human with your claws? I don’t want it looking at me,” He pleaded with the beast, a sense of sadness hidden in his tone. Vlad craned his neck and inspected his companion curiously. The already nervous pokemon had an even more peculiar attitude with the human around. He mumbled his words, his mannerisms jerky and almost childlike.

    “Yez,” was all he said. He could do his new friend this little favor. With speed one would think unnatural for such a creature, he scooped up the girl and the buneary with his claws, holding them tightly to his chest. Another moment and they were gone into the air, the rushing wind overcoming Apollo’s senses once again.

    Sticking his head over Vlad’s side, he tried to spy if everything was okay down below. He had faith that it was, but he just wanted to make sure. It seemed like their passengers were securely tucked away, oriented so that their bodies were staring down at the Earth below. Apollo had to keep confirming in his mind that the humans deserved no better. They were filth that torture and manipulate. He situated himself securely on Vlad’s back, tucking his legs to his chest and holding them comfortingly. “For my family, for my family, for my family,” he whispered to himself, the wind carrying his prayer to the heavens.
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