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Originally Posted by Rivvon View Post
That is the character "zu." Just like the character "bu" under Vaporeon, some kana in the Japanese written language use dakuten ("two dots") to indicate a voiced rather than an unvoiced sound. Whoever created this font decided to use stars instead of dots to make it seem cute.

I don't think this picture is indicative of an Eevee evolution reveal, though. If anything, the ribbon separating the two words in the middle should represent the "new" Eevee evolution, since Espeon is pretty close in color to the "zu" character.

It is possible, but I'm not going to guess at any types since I just don't really see it...
Yeah, the characters in different letters just spell out イーブイ フレンズ or in other words "Eevee Friends." The little bow thing is just for stylistic purposes, same for the stars on ズ. (And the Pikachu ears.) There really isn't any connection between each Eeveelution and the character of the matching color aside from the use of the Eeveelution's colors in the first place.

The last one being colored purple is certainly interesting. There are frustratingly a lot of types that have a purple-ish color, but then it might just be that they needed an extra color for the logo and purple was one that hadn't been used yet.