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Originally Posted by Tman109ner View Post
Purely underrated, I'd say Scrafty. It's in UU but functions fantastic in OU. Even with a weakness to fighting, a Pokémon with stellar defenses and a useable attack shouldn't be looked over. Now give that Pokémon DDance to boost its dismal speed and to boost it's attack to sweeping level and watch what happens. Especially when it's attack is boosted with each kill in Moxie.
I have to say Scrafty is definitely awesome, I remember how threatening they are when I battle them thanks to their nice defensive stats and solid Attack stat. Moxie is an awesome ability for it, and with a few Dragon Dance boosts it's Hi Jump Kick can end up OHKOing a lot of foes.

In B2/W2 it also gets some additional type coverage, thanks to the Move Tutors.

Originally Posted by Tman109ner View Post
If you're looking at a Pokémon that with the right set, can be an absolute pain for opponents, I'd say Sigilyph. From a competitive standpoint, it is one of my favorite Pokémon to use. With one free turn, you can often get enough defense out of Cosmic Power to be able to take a hit. Then with the right amount of roosting and burning those physical threats, Sigilyph can easily drive opponents insane.
I underestimated Sigilyph at first, then tried one in Black 2 and she was able to take out a lot of stuff easily. It learns the defensive screens as well as Cosmic Power, which if set up at the right time will make it pretty bulky and hard to take down.

It also gets some interesting moves like Ice Beam, Shadow Ball and Energy Ball for some type coverage. Also, its Magic Guard ability is very helpful since it blocks all indirect damage, meaning Poison, Burn and Leech Seed's effects are pretty much useless. Magic Guard even makes Sigilyph immune to Stealth Rock damage, which is awesome in competitive play.
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