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    Originally Posted by danice123 View Post
    If you want images, check out He has huge files full of seperate images of every pokemon from every version, sounds and footprints, and stuff like that.
    Cheers for the link!! Looks like he has good resources and also there's a fair bit of code for me to look at.

    Almost managed to get the pokemon battlers as required now - it's not a priority but I'd appreciate some help at some point...

    Over Christmas i did what any good programmer should and did a full code review, which was painful. But it means everything's a lot more organised, a little quicker, and a lot less embarrassing for me to show you guys. That said, I'm working on getting a demo together so you guys can play around with the engine yourself, so expect that in the next few days.

    I've attached some more screenshots, including one using Gen 4 tiles, and one of the XML files which are used to define the game. Take a look!
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