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The Low Level Challenge!
So the basic idea of this challenge is to go through the game with as low levels as possible! Sounds easy? Try it out and see for yourself! ;)

Now, here's where things get a little trickier. To help ensure you stay at low levels and add difficulty, you can only catch pokemon that are of the same level or are a higher level than the highest pokemon in your party (so if you have your highest leveled pokemon out in front, and use a repel, anything that shows up can be caught).

But because one could just solo this challenge, there are some check-up points. Your pokemon must be lower or equal to these levels: (spoilering because it's a huge list)


3rd Gym:
R/B: Level 20
Y: Level 23
G/S/C: Level 17
R/S: Level 18
E: Level 19
Fr/Lg: Level 17
D/P: Level 25
Pt: Level 21
HG/SS: Level 16
B/W: Level 21
B2/W2: Level 21 (same level for challenge mode - you wanted a challenge, right? As for the easier mode it's preferable if you didn't, but level 19 should work (I guess))

6th Gym:
R/B: Level 36
Y: Level 45
G/S/C: Level 30
R/S: Level 28
E: Level 27
Fr/Lg: Level 36
D/P: Level 34
Pt: Level 36
HG/SS: Level 30
B/W: Level 30
B2/W2:Level 33 (for the modes, see above 3rd gym)

R/B: Level 58
Y: Level 58
G/S/C: Level 43
R/S: Level 52
E: Level 51
Fr/Lg: Level 55
D/P: Level 58
Pt: Level 55
HG/SS: Level 42
B/W: Level 47
B2/W2: Level 52 (for modes see 3rd gym)

To have completed the challenge you have to beat the champion once, except for in BW where you have to beat the Alder twice you only have to beat Ghetsis.

The only way to lose this challenge is if you have any pokemon leveled higher than they're supposed to be during any of the checkpoints. It's harsh but there needs to be a consequence. This also includes boxed pokemon. (Feel free to box though)

Tips (take em or leave em):
  • Try rotating your team, and keep in mind you can catch as many pokemon as you want.
  • Also, try and evolve ASAP as evolved pokemon take longer gaining experience
  • Try and avoid battles, here's a location of the item smoke ball to help you escape wild battles:
  • Here's a list of pokemon that take a lot more experience than others to level up!:

I think that's basically it, so here's the sign up!

Username: GolurkIsDaBomb
Game: Diamond (since it's now free )': )
Ultimate Or Single: Single

Challengers (Single):

Rainbow Arcanine

Challengers (Ultimate):


Winners! (Single):

None Yet!

Winners! (Ultimate):
None Yet!

I think those are all the rules, so good luck! Use this gif for inspiration!

*As a side note, I wish an extra amount of good luck to anyone brave enough to try B/W or B2/W2, due to the leveling system!

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