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    Originally Posted by Sunfished View Post
    Right now, I think that a leader/owner thing is the best way to go. The "pass-the-project" around thing sounds really dangerous, as the one who DID get the game can potentially waste a whole week of progress. And on top of that, I beleive that many people would want to get in to help, which only adds to a waiting list of who gets it next.

    Personally, I think we should elect certain people that has access to edit the game. That way the game is controlled and noone gets overhauled with work.
    But then, that's basically the over Game Team.
    But we could have different classes like;
    • Mappers
    • Scripters
    • Spriters
    • Event Makers
    • Concept Artists
    • Story and Plotters

    and have them form a group every week, So one week is based on mapping, the next is scripting.
    But Concepting and Spriting can be done when required as it's not AS big of an job.
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