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    There'd be a list of everyone who volunteered to take a week, including the order/dates they go in. This would be public information. If necessary, a banlist could also be made (also public information). Also, if someone decides they want to pull out of their slot, they can; the allocations will just be bumped up by a week or a replacement can be found.

    When I said "privately", I meant upload your revision to Mediafire or somewhere and just PM the next person (and the archiver) the link, rather than give everyone the link.

    I'm sure someone could get a bit of inspiration and start things off (before even posting it). There's not even a real need for any plot at all at the beginning (except for "8 Gyms, Elite Four, end"). An RBY plot is more than sufficient to start with.

    The extra benefit of 1-week slots is that corruption (accidental or intentional) won't have too much of an impact. It's a risk that just needs to be taken. Note that a malicious volunteer won't actually undo any progress (it'll be archived before they get their hands on it); it just means a stall of 1 week.

    Deciding who can/should get the game in a particular week could be up for public debate as well, although I don't think it's really in the spirit of things. However, starting off with maybe 6 good contributions from trusted people will certainly boost interest and opinions, as well as result in a decent starting point.

    Essentials is good enough to make a game without any script editing. I think this project should take that to heart and, although not expressly forbid script editing, at least suggest that mapping/eventing are the important things.

    I see this project also being a chance for people to "have a go" at game-making, by diving into the middle of a project they will have read about but didn't have to spend ages designing beforehand. I think that's an attractive prospect. They'll only volunteer in the first place if they're interested in the project/game itself anyway, so it's not like they won't be able to do anything. And even if they don't want to edit the game itself, they can still play with the "big boys" and help decide on the game's direction through discussion.

    Nintendork's suggestion of teams and voting and reports sounds too bureaucratic and boring to me, and too much like any other fangame group. I thought this project might be different (encourage newbies, offer experience of game-making, etc.). You know, fun.
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