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    Jari Hernandez

    #6: Nerves of Steel?

    (OOC: Sorry for the extremely prolonged period of inactivity. I apologize to everyone, especially to Garet, for not finishing this sooner.)

    Jari looked ahead at the scene before him. A stage for him. Made for only the gym leader, and the challenger. Just made for a battle. And now, it was finally about to begin. The time he had been waiting for...
    What the hell was he doing?! Just get into the gym, that’s all he needed to do!
    Jari chained his bicycle to a post, and entered the gym as subtly as he could. The thing is, though, it’s impossible not to make noise in a gym with floors made of stainless steel and a silence so deep. The bleachers were lined with fans, who would normally be cheering but were silent, out of respect for the challenger and out of fear for what the gym leader could do. Some of them, of course, weren’t scared of the gym leader at all, they just happened to be pretty respectful.

    “Good afternoon, Jasmine.” Jari’s confidence swelled, but so did his nervousness, and his fiery emotion subsided to a slightly more conserved nature for only the moment before the battle.

    “Hello, challenger. I believe we have met before. Were you not known as Jari?”

    “I was known as that name, and of course I still am. I would like to-”

    “Wait! Wait! You can’t do that, Jasmine!” Clyde shouted as he ran up to her nervously.

    “Why do you say that, Clyde?”

    “Well,” Clyde said, adjusting his glasses nervously, “there seems to be a group of oddly dressed
    strangers waiting for you outside, and they want to speak.” He shuffled his papers and began to
    speak once again. “They seem to go by the name of...” he looked around then whispered in her ear, “the Knights of Valor.”

    “Villains?! I will not stop this battle for them! If they try to enter by force, you know what to do! This challenger deserves a shot at a challenge, not to be stopped by some stupid protest!”

    “Y-y-yes ma’m. At all costs.”

    “Now, Jari, finish your sentence!”

    “I like your authority, and your spirit. Although, I think a leader should say that to a challenger, no? Anyway, I would like to challenge you... in a gym battle!”

    “So be it! I hope you’re ready!”

    “As ready as I’ll ever be! Let’s do this, Monferno!” Jari opened the Pokedex, scanning Monferno for any differences. It seems that he’s stronger... Jari thought. Three levels, to be precise.

    “You have no badges. Therefore, let’s go, Klang!” A contraption of gears showed itself. Being a gym leader’s Pokemon, it was already registered in the Pokedex app. Jari looked over. It was time to get this over with.

    “I’ll start! Blaze Kick!” The fire monkey was already administering the attack, making a small dent in the infrastructure of the Klang.

    “Charge!” Jari thought,

    “Mach Punch!” Jari practically did the same action, but remembering to refrain from using his powers by accident. He didn’t want to be some kind of science experiment. Launching the fighting attack at an extremely fast speed, the Klang had no time to attack.

    “Shake it off! Thundershock!” Blaze was shocked with a strengthened current of electricity, making Jari wince. He didn’t like where this was going at this point; he hoped that he could end the battle before it got too bad. Jasmine, on the other hand, had a mischievous look.

    “Blaze! Ember, quick!” A flame came from the monkey’s mouth, hitting the set of gears. It seemed to have taken quite a bit of damage there, almost knocked out but still clinging on to the battle.

    “Klang! Gear Grind!” Two gears ran towards Blaze quickly, causing a few cuts to be inflicted on it. Jari winced once again. It was getting tired... he had to end this, pronto!

    “End this! Blaze Kick!” Flame enveloped Blaze’s leg, hitting the gears quickly and effectively. The attack connected, and the Klang was knocked out... but... what was that loud noise? Jasmine seemed to read his mind.

    “Ignore it. Stay focused on the battle.”

    “But it sounds-Do you want a badge or are you going to wimp out because of some commotion outside?!”

    “F-f-fine.” He looked at Blaze... the Pokemon was tired, and if he used Ronin, when they got outside he would be nearly defenseless against what would come. But he had powers... yes, he had powers! If anything went wrong, he would have to deal with it by himself, but he had ways to defend himself! “You know what? I think you’ve had enough, Blaze. You should come back
    and take a rest.

    “Mon, mon mon mon!” The Pokemon wasn’t taking any of that crap.

    “Alright, fine. But if you get KO’d, it’ll take a while to heal you. Understood?”


    “Alright! Lets do this, Blaze!”
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