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    JV and Twitch are proud to present the third beta release of Pokemon Uranium, an RMXP fangame made with Poccil's Essentials. With a staggering amount of content, new areas to explore, and new Pokemon to catch, we promise it'll be Pokemon like you've never seen it before. It will be the best experience you will ever had as far as Pokémon fangames is concerned so far. We spent a very long time on this and we hope you will enjoy playing!


    - 10-12 hours of gameplay
    - Slick, up-to-date graphics
    - 80+ Fakemon
    - A new type, Nuclear!
    - 9 towns to explore in the Tandor region
    - 5/6 Gyms
    - 4 Sidequests
    - New, memorable characters
    - An original and unpredictable plot


    JV - Maps, scripts, events, music
    Twitch - Fakemon, Sprites, dialogue
    Dewitty, Hydrargirium, Kyledove, Alistair, Zetavares, Gigatom, C.N.C, Zelx - Overworld Tiles
    Zorin - Fakemon
    Pequedark-Velvet - Fakemon

    & to everybody that beta tested, thank you!


    Mediafire: [link]
    RapidShare: [link]

    [Unzip and run the "Game" application to play!]

    Thank you, hope you enjoy!

    -JV & Twitch
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