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Mina Cortez and Adam Randi - Justice Arcana

Shortly after leaving Adam to his own devices, Mina looked around for someone to dance with, and quickly found one. And then another. And then another. It seemed that Mina had no trouble at all finding suitable dancing partners. It was fun, though she did feel a little bad for just shoving Adam off to boost his social ability through brute force; she felt even worse because he even offered to dance with her, which was so far from what Mina was expecting that she could barely contain herself at the proposition, but she felt it was all for the best.

All seemed to go swimmingly until a guest noted the fireworks outside. Indeed, there were fireworks outside, but not the type that would be meant for a festive event. No, rather, these fireworks were the type that would tear apart houses, ravage forests, and take someone by the throat and suffocate them without mercy or emotion. People started to panic when they felt the reality of the situation, and they started to scramble about, screaming hysterically. Who wouldn’t, though? The screams from outside were terrible- and that’s when Mina had a thought. Mina had a terrifying thought, one so terrifying that it actually brought her to tears. Her mother was still out there; she was out in the inferno. Mina brought her hands to her mouth, almost ready to scream, but she was stopped by Liberta. The arcana user calmed the crowd, Mina included, with his booming voice and his splendid ability. He was not aggressive when he ordered the guests and the house members; rather, he spoke in a way that made it seem as if everything would be okay. In a few moments, it the devastation of the island seemed to be gone, and all there was left was to head towards Nirvana.

This helped Mina regain composure. She wiped the tears from her face and stood firm, now was the time to act. She looked around, noticing that Adam hadn’t contacted her since the start of the whole incident. Did something happen to him? She made quickly to the location where she left him and he seemed to be…sleeping? She was astounded...nay, baffled at how someone could possibly sleep through all that was going on. She didn’t have time to get mad, so she got on her knees, took him by the collar, pulled him close, and delivered him several vicious slaps to the face. She needed some way to wake him without wasting more time. That was the plan at least, but he didn’t seem to be waking up. She started yelling at him to wake up, but when she looked at his face, she noticed there were black marks and blood spilling from a few cuts. It was as if he was kicked and stepped on, which most likely happened during the panic. He was no longer simply asleep, he was unconscious. She found a chair nearby and placed him in it, saying, “I’ll be back, I promise.” Her words were pointless, but she felt more confident saying it to him. She took the dagger that Adam kept on him and placed it on her waist. She then used the dagger to cut off the lower half of her dress, so as to make moving easier. Next, she took off her heels and bolted out of the mansion into the burning town.

When Mina left the mansion, she felt a sensation come over her. It was not the intense heat that emanated from the flames, but rather it was a strange sense of confidence and an odd lack of anxiety. She felt as if she were a member of Sword, going out to save someone from a desperate situation. It was childish, but it made sense to her as when she was younger she wanted to be a member of Sword. She felt excited without any sense of fear.

Then, all at once, the excitement disappeared. When Mina arrived at the district where her home and her mother’s shop was, she noticed that all there was was fire. The entire district was a furnace, with buildings literally melting away. The sight was so terrifying, that Mina lost the strength in her legs, and she fell to her knees. Her face was expressionless, and her arms shook uncontrollably. Tears streamed from her eyes, but there was nothing to suggest any sadness. Everything became muffled, until finally she couldn’t hear anything at all. She couldn’t feel anything and she couldn’t hear anything, all she could do was watch the cremation of her home and her mother.

Sense did eventually return as a warm sensation came over Mina’s right arm and hand. Was it the fire? She didn’t know. Her body jerked for a moment, and she fell to the ground, with a familiar feeling coming over the right side of her chest. It may have been pain…or maybe it was something else…Mina didn’t know. Mina didn’t care. She didn’t care about anything, anymore. She wanted the world to go away, and closed her eyes to be away from it.


The room was loud with chatter, and things were certainly not as they were before. "I'll be back, I promise." Adam heard these words, but was far too drowsy to say anything in response. Initially, he had a little trouble figuring out who was talking to him. He mumbled the word "Mina", but it wasn't loud enough for her to here, and he drifted back into dreamland.

The nap was short lived, however, as he felt a incredible pain come over his lower half. Adam quickly sat up, his eyes almost popping out if his head, yelling "YEOWCH!"

"Well, at least you're awake, now," a light voice said to him. At first, he thought it was Mina, but when he looked up he noticed that it was none other than his little sister, Marta. He started to greet her when she barked at him, "You've got a lot of nerve, sleeping on the job like this! Is this how you do your job!? People are dying out there, and you're sitting here sleeping!"

"...I have no idea what you're talking about..." Adam replied with a yawn. "And why does my face hurt so- What's with all the blood?" He yelled as he touched his face and noticed the blood on his hands. Trying to control her anger, and rather than hitting Adam, she breathed in through her nose heavily and pointed to rest of the room. Adam looked to see people evacuating the room, and others who were being evacuated by other members of the house. "What the hell's going on here?" He looked outside and was even more surprised at the flaming torrent that came over the island. As his hearing returned, he could hear the screams of those out in the chaos, and the worried cries of those evacuating.

"Now do you understand? You have to help, not get out there!" Marta said, pulling Adam by his arms out of the chair, completely disregarding his injuries. Adam, feeling the passion of his sister's words, took off his shoes and his tuxedo, and then started out. However, before he could get to far, Marta called him back. "How are you going to do anything out there without a weapon? I don't want you to die!" Adam was alarmed at this, because he was sure he had a dagger on him, but upon feeling around his waist, he noticed that it was gone. Who would steal the weapon of an arcana member? It didn't matter for now, and he quickly looked around for a makeshift. There were decorative swords on the walls, which weren't ideal for him due to their weight, but he had no other choice. He quickly ran to a wall, took a Bastard Sword off of it, and made his way out into the blaze.
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