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It's a little hard to rate if we don't know the sets the cards are from.
I agree with Donavannj that it is difficult to rate a deck because we do not know what set these cards are from.

First of all it seems that this deck has ALOT of Pokemon in it.
Most Pokemon decks currently run between 6-15 Pokemon which will vary on deck specific tactics.
Also this deck needs supporters to be more consistent with draws and allowing you to get the cards you need, when you need them such as "Skyla", "Professor Juniper" and "N".
Supporters are the bread and butter of any good Pokemon deck and ideally you want to be using:
4 Professor Juniper
4 N
1-4 Skyla
1-4 Cheren/Bianca

Once you have the core of the supporter line up, you need to decide how your deck will play.
Will you use straight attackers with no "support" Pokemon to increase on consistency and speed ?
Would you prefer a slower paced deck which has Stage 2 support Pokemon which allows you to setup and prepare for the late game ?
Will you be using some form of energy acceleration ?
What type of Pokemon do you wish to use and how will you counter their weakness ?

Energy counts can be between 12-14, similar to Pokemon line up.
Due to draw supporters and trainer items search as "Energy search" or "Dark Patch" which allow you to reuse energy which is already discarded.

If you're looking for ideas on these particular theories then let me know ! It's easier to gather the right Pokemon once you have the concept of your deck in mind.
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