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The three Pokemon we asked to be hack checked passed the legality analysis. However, based on your response to Mac about not knowing RNG abuse, which is crucial to obtaining anything hex-flawess and shiny, I reviewed your other Pokemon on Pokecheck. Do note that IV breeding does not work like that; you will get up to 3 IVs from the parent Pokemon and 3 IVs are all up to chance, in other words, a 1 in 30,000 chance, not to mention shininess is 1 in 8000 chance.

Upon further inspection, I have found one hacked Pokemon. The Pokemon is nicknamed, but it does not have the Yes, Nicknamed flag. Another version is nicknamed and has the Yes, Nicknamed. Both Pokemon share the same species, PID, IVs, EVs, attacks, hatch location, ID, SID, and so forth. They ARE the same Pokemon. And they belong to your ID, the one you traded your three from.

As a non RNG abuser, you have an impossible chance to obtain an identical Pokemon twice. A nicknamed Pokemon marked as non-nicknamed is also illegal.

I am shutting down your trade thread for an indefinite amount of time, until you clean your inventory and prove to the Trade staff that you will be dealing error-free and believable Pokemon.