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Originally Posted by duskthedarkrai View Post
ok, i can't save eplorers of sky on desmume. save states work, but i can't use wonder mail or continue after beating dialga....please help

(update) ok, i got it to work on no$gba
(edit2) However i would still like to know what's up with desmume in case i have any problems with no$gba in the future.....
You must be using wrong version of DeSmuME...
What surprises me that No$GBA actually started saving...
Anyways, DeSmuME works with PMD Sky correctly so there must be something wrong with your emulator.

Originally Posted by Puppeteer Mask View Post
Hello, I am trying to play Pokemon FireRed on the VisualBoyAdvance, but whenever I try to do so, the game tells me that the IBS Sub-Circuit Board is not installed or something to that effect. It's making it so I can't save my game. This wouldn't be an issue were it not for the fact that this means I can't do anything after beating the Elite Four. Is there any way to fix this?
Do you have 128k Flash as Save Type and Real Time Clock enabled?
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