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    A lot of your text has an extra enter space; this makes dialogue unnecessarily bothersome. You can prevent this (I'm guessing) by creating separate event command lines for text. I also noticed a few things while starting your game.

    1: In the event explaining your situation, it gets cut off, saying "You're dad, a famous pokemon You grew up there"
    2: whats that squiggle supposed to be? is it supposed to be there?
    3: this looks bad, fix your priorities
    4: the sign on the wall doesn't fit correctly, while the leaving mat overlaps another rug.
    5: weird, I was walking to the lab and it appeared out of no where
    6: I noticed, a lot of your sprites are not on the same level, point in case right here.
    7: theres a seam on this tree, it is a floating tree and it scares me mostly because the top part is floating for som unknown reason, but also that it is in a few places, not just there.

    I'm loving the way the game presents itself, it has nice transitions and makes the game a lot more fun and interesting than the average pokemon game. I spent a good hour or so playing the game, and it was awesome!
    I'm not trying to be mean with my bugs or errors and such, I'm just trying to help you because I like this game

    cruuuuuueeeeell joke with the guy who wants to trade a pokemon! hahaha, I lost my cool starter

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