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    Alright, so you guys all look to be having a great time and I've never done one of these "academy" RPs before. I hope everything is okay in my SU. If anything needs to be fixed, just yell at me.
    Name: Evan Lee Gildred

    Nickname: Eva - goes exclusively by this name.

    Gender: Male

    Age: 17

    Species: Yasha

    Appearance: Normally I’ll write a description, but this might be easier for this character.
    It's a trap!

    Hair down:

    Personality: A kind and gentle boy, Eva is both thought of as peace loving and a bit of mediator between others. Growing up, he always hated fighting, whether it involved him or not. If he saw others fighting, he would always sum up the courage and try his best to get them to stop. This might seem slightly out of character for one who is typically shy and reserved, but it wouldn’t be if one knew the boy for long. Although his eyes may be more focused on the ground than at others, there is a strength of character and willpower that radiates in them.

    Sometimes almost painfully introverted, Eva would rather spend time with his head in a book or studying. A bit of a nerd, he outs himself as such in his normal everyday speech. Although this may not be so abnormal for most, the way he handles himself is. Lacking almost any masculine tendencies, Eva would be almost impossible to distinguish from his female contemporaries. Much to the chagrin of his father growing up, Eva always talked about, took part in, enjoyed and sounded like a girl. That is majorly the reason why he even goes by “Eva” and not Evan. His shy personality was crafted by his childhood and ridicule received therein. Other boys treated him mercilessly and it didn’t stop until he finally just decided to masquerade full time as a woman.

    A bit of a perfectionist, Eva loves to keep things in order. His room, clothes, appearance, whatever, it will always be in meticulous care and order. This has a tendency to drive other less tidy people up a wall.

    History: Born in the human dimension, Eva’s history is less than ideal. Although born to a very loving and understanding mother, Eva’s father was almost a polar opposite. A proud Yasha, his father always insisted on Eva’s continued practice and perfection of the art that he had inherited. His mother, a human, did not pressure him so much in any capacity and simply encouraged Eva to be the best person he could be.

    Arduous days passed where his father would force him to conjure up one creature after the next. Each summon not being good enough and only resulting in further torment from his dad. The practice never stopped, however. Each day after school, an experience that brought great pain in its own right, he was forced into the training. His mother would implore that the practices stop and let the young boy be, but it would not be had. Although he got very talented at his power, he hated it. He hated everything that it stood for and how it connected him with his father. It continued this way for many years and probably would not have stopped if not for his arrival at the Youkai academy.

    In his human school, as he appeared, things did not go well for him. Constant beatings and ridicule were cast his way as he went about his business. Even if he never solicited it, it came anyway. He just never developed the way other boys did. His body stayed small and petite, his hair grew long to cover up the third eye, a facet of his appearance that he loathed with every fiber of his being.

    Imploring his family to let him attend the Youkai academy, he was granted permission. His father was thrilled, he saw it as an opportunity to train his abilities and progress even more, but that was not the reason that Eva had wanted to attend. He strictly wanted to escape his father, and have a chance at a fresh start with a new school and new faces. Without his father’s knowledge, he disguises himself fully as a girl and lives in that manner on campus. Should he ever go home, he reverts his appearance back to his father’s acceptable standard, but quickly goes back when at the school. One of his greatest fears is a surprise visit by his parents, for his father to catch him like this, no matter how happy it makes him, would be catastrophic.

    Weakness: Is physically weak, and a bit of a pushover if things ever came to blows. Is deathly allergic to red kidney beans.

    Other: Eva does not let others know that he is really a boy. So when interacting with him, please refer to him as a “she.”

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