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    Originally Posted by ~Genevieve~ View Post
    Name: Cheryll Renee Moreau
    Nickname: Cher
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Species: Lamia

    Appearence: Human Form (Outside of Uniform)

    Youkai Form: In her Youkai form Cheryll keeps whatever shirt she is wearing at the time and her legs and skirt form a deep black snake tail with a large pale green flower at the end of it. She keeps her glasses in this form and her hair, eyes, and skin colors stay the same as well.

    Personality: Cheryll is a very quiet girl who doesn't really say much to anyone at all. Though She is extremely smart and clever and by some is noted as a huge nerd. Mainly by her three older sisters. Because of this Cheryll doesn't have any confidence in her youkai abilities so those aren't very strong right now. Another thing about Cheryll is that she has never had a friend so she is extremely unsure and insecure about interacting with other kids, especially since she is new to the school.

    History: Before entering the Youkai academy Cheryll was very sheltered by her parents. She and her three sisters Roseanne, Fran, and Celia were kept at home and taught by there mother anything they needed to know. Cheryll was never allowed to venture into the human world but unlike her sisters she didn't care. She was happy with her life and happy not to have to be around others outside her family. Though when she turned 14 her parents made the decision to send Cheryll to the Youkai Academy even though she didn't want to go at all.

    Weakness: Her terrible eyesight.
    Other: Cheryll is a genius when it comes to academics but when it comes to social interactions she has no idea what to do.
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